Sam Martland

Assistant Professor of History and Latin American Studies

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Broad survey courses:

    GL 221:  Colonial Latin America (Fall 2006)

    GL 222:  Modern Latin America

    SL 222:  Western Civilization to 1500

    SL 223:  Western Civilization since 1500

More specific topical courses:

    GL 322:  The Industrial Revolution in Global Context (Spring 05)

    GL 325:  Cities in Latin American History

    VA 323:  The Andean Countries of South America

    VA 322:  Disasters and Modern Society since 1700 (Fall 2006)

        All of these courses are suitable for any student, including entering freshmen.  The more specific courses are more likely to include significant research projects and less likely to include exams.  The HSS website has descriptions of these and other history courses.  A tentative schedule of HSS courses for several quarters into the future is usually posted on the bulletin board between A207 and A208 (near the foreign language TV and the posh red couches on the top floor of Moench).  Click here for a brief citation guide.
        I am the advisor of the HSS area minor in Latin American Studies.  If you have credit for three quarters of Spanish and are interested in Latin America, this minor is for you.
       The library bought almost forty new books on Latin America in the summer of 2005.
       Here is my short list of useful links for studying Latin America.  Here is my list of useful links for studying European and US history.
        My dissertation, "Constructing Valparaíso:  Infrastructure and the Politics of Progress in Chile's Port, 1842-1918," is a study of the technology and politics of urban development, and of the implications of urbanization for state formation.  I have published articles on nineteenth-century street lighting in Chile and Argentina, and on conflicto between municipal governments and early utility companies over the use of public space.
     A.B. in History and Literature, Harvard College, 1996

     A.M. in History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1998

     Ph.D. in History, Unversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2003

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