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funded by National Science Foundation REU grants
DMS-0352940, DMS-0647121
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When baking a drop sugar cookie, one starts with a drop of cookie dough on the cookie sheet. As the dough gets heated, it becomes a liquid and starts to achieves its equilibrium shape. Then as it bakes it solidifies to its final equilibrium shape. See pictures below.

Drop of Cookie Dough
(becoming a liquid)

Cookie Baking
(attaining shape)

Baked Cookie
(cooling to final shape)
Once the cookie is baked, can one recover the shape of the cookie knowing only its wetted surface (the region that it is in contact with the cookie sheet), and properties of the cookie dough (density, stiffness) and the size (volume) of the cookie?
Professor Finn's Preprints
  • The shape of a slice of French bread, preprint
  • Modelling the shape of a cookie, in preparation
  • (with Emma Norbrothen and Meredith Perrie), Elliptical Sessile Drops, in preparation
REU Preprints/Technical Reports
The 2007 Geometric Analysis Group
  • Matt Donahue and Pam Welch, Inverstigating the Structure of a Double Bubble Cookie
  • Emma Norbrothen, Investigating the Shape of an Elliptical Cookie
  • Meredith Perrie, Modelling Oval Cookies
The 2006 Geometric Analysis Group
  • Blake Hartz, The Double Bubble Cookie as a Sessile Drop
  • Robert Lemke Oliver and Yvette Monachino, Cookius Maximus
  • Erik Perkins, The Effect of Cooling on the Shape of a Cookie

To obtain copies of preprints, contact DAVID.FINN@ROSE-HULMAN.EDU

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