funded by NSF-CCLI grant DUE-0126687

Principal Investigator
David L. Finn
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
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This project is to develop interactive materials for MA 323 Geometric Modelling, a link to the course page MA 323 Geometric Modelling containing Applets and Materials for the Course, and a link to the course's most recent ANGEL page MA 323 Geometric Modelling in ANGEL.   The material to be developed includes a proto type for a web-based text with java applets to learn about Bezier curves, B-splines, Catmull-Rom splines, Bezier patches, Coons patches, and more.  The above methods have extensive applications in computer graphics, computer aided design (CAD), imaging science and other fields.  Part of this grant funded three students to work over the summers of 2002, 2003, and 2004 to develop interactive Java Applets, see below for some of their work. .
  • Project Summary - web page  or pdf file
  • Student Assistants

  • Summer 2002 - (l to r)
    Jeremy Groven, Nathan Acuff and Donald Metzler

    Summer 2003 - (l to r)
    Jim Howard, Brandi Soggs, and Zack Miller

    Summer 2004 - (l to r)
    Angela Smiley, Guy Srinivasan, Kellan Wampler

    Materials Developed