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Automorphisms of Riemann Surfaces, Algebraic Curves

and Related Topics Interest Group

Conferences and Particpants
Portland OR - 2018
Chicago IL -2015
Penn State PA - 2009
Tucson AZ - 2007
Santa Barbara CA - 2005
Contact Organizers
Allen Broughton
Mariela Carvacho
Tony Weaver
Aaron Wooton
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Automorphisms of Surfaces - University of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara CA - April 16-17, 2005

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Talks by presenter

Presenter Title (click for abstract) Links
Allen Broughton Enumeration of the Equisymmetric Strata of the Moduli Space of Surfaces of Low Genus slides page
Francisco Javier Cirre Ramified normal coverings of hyperelliptic Klein surfaces
Clifford Earle Some families of special compact Riemann surfaces of genus two  
Jane Gilman Hyperelliptic Handlebodies  
Milagros Izquierdo Trigonal Riemann surfaces with non-unique morphisms  
Gareth Jones Automorphism groups of compact Riemann surfaces  
Nikola Lakic A planar Riemann surface coming from the side identifications on a rectangular domain  
Ernesto Martinez Alternating groups as $M$*-groups  
Sudeb Mitra Holomorphic motions in families of Riemann surfaces  
John Shareshian Branched coverings of the sphere and Galois groups of trinomials  
Tony Shaska Hyperelliptic curves with reduced automorphism group $A_5$  
David Singerman Real Belyi Theory and dessins d'enfants on Klein surfaces,  
Tom Tucker Genus parameters and sizings of finite groups  
Peter S Turbek Riemann surfaces with $8(g+3)$ automorphisms  
Anthony Weaver Exceptional points in the elliptic-hyperelliptic locus paper
Jay J Zimmerman The genus distribution for odd order groups