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Automorphisms of Riemann Surfaces, Algebraic Curves

and Related Topics Interest Group

Conferences and Participants
Tufts U, MA - 2020
Portland OR - 2018
Chicago IL -2015
Penn State PA - 2009
Tucson AZ - 2007
Santa Barbara CA - 2005
Contact Current Organizers
Allen Broughton
Jennifer Paulhus
Aaron Wooton
Last modified: 10 Mar 20

Purpose: Interest group in automorphisms of Riemann surfaces. Intended for mathematicians interested in participating in U.S. based conferences on automorphisms of Riemann surfaces/algebraic curves and related topics, building upon the 2005 Santa Barbara, 2007 Tucson, 2009 Penn State2015 Chicago  and the 2018 Portland AMS regional conferences.


Future Conferences: We try to have these every 2-3 years.

Past Conferences: The conference pages below give an overview of past conferences, participants, titles of papers and some links to presentation and/or papers.

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