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Dr. Brad Burchett

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Burchett, Dyanmic Modeling and Simulation

ES203   MA211

15% : HW
20% : Labs
20% : Best midterm
15% : Other midterm
30% : Final Exam

 In ES202, ES203, and ES204, we applied conservation and accounting principles to model mechanical, electrical, fluid, and thermal systems. In ES205, or "ADES", we continue this study and extend it to include systems of more than one discipline. Welcome to system dynamics!

The three main topics of the course are modeling, analysis, and design. Modeling is the application of basic conservation and accounting principles to obtain the differential and algebraic equations that predict the dynamic behavior. Analysis involves the characterization of that behavior in the time and frequency domains. Design is the selection of system parameters to meet specified performance criteria.

Course learning objectives include the use of block diagrams, methods of solving equations of motion, experimental parameter identification and model validation, and further development of skills in teaming, oral presentations, writing, and computing. Use of Matlab, Simulink, and Maple software is required.

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