The Fifty-fourth Annual

Rose-Hulman High-school Mathematics Contest


The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Mathematics Contest takes place annually in November. The fifty-fourth contest took place Saturday, November 16, 2019.

This year's top finishers were
1. Carmel High School1273
2. Terre Haute South Vigo High School   884
3.Signature   797
4.Castle 725
5. Terre Haute North Vigo High School   604

The 2019 class winners were
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
1. Carmel 258 Carmel 365 Carmel 319 Carmel 331
2. Terre Haute South Vigo 210 Signature 264 Terre Haute South 230Castle 268
3. Terre Haute North Vigo 149 Terre Haute South 237 Terre Haute Christian 218 Signature 265
4. Castle 100 Culver Academies 226 Castle 195 Fishers 238
4. Hamilton Southeastern 238

Top scoring individuals were
Senior                                                       Junior
            NAME                  SCHOOL                        NAME                       SCHOOL
 1.     Kabir Sheth 100             Signature             Rhea Acharya 94           Carmel 
                                                          Song Kim 94               William Henry Harrison 
 2.     Angela Li 94                Carmel                Tim Lin 89                Culver Academies
        Anderw Park 94              Centennial            Noah Tan 89               Carmel
 3.     Raj Chilukuri 88            Castle                Ben Tran 77               Fishers
        Jerry Wang 88               Carmel
        Christopher Zou 88          Carmel   
 4.     Sean Thierion de Monclin 82 Hamilton Southeastern Micah Beachy 76           Terre Haute Christian Home Educators
                                                          Stephen Kallubhavi 76     Terre Haute South
 5.     Caroline Christ 80          Terre Haute North     Tommy Yu 73               Culver Academies
 6.     Aaron Frollo 76             Fishers               Daniel Armeanu 72         Signature
                                                          Lillian He 72             Carmel
                                                          Lalith Roopesh 72         Carmel
 7.     Raphael Li 71               Carmel                William Wei 71            Culver Academies 
 8.     Makagyn Grimm 70            Terre Haute South     Arnav Mehra 67            Hamilton Southeastern
        Zach Roberts 70             Westfield
 9.     James Lao 69                Zionsville            Skylar Smith 66           Fishers
                                                          Halle Bailey 66           Castle
10.     Jenny Cai 67                Park Tudor            Rayyan Khan 65            Signature
        Sage Johnson 67             Urbana                Kyle Li  65               Terre Haute South
11.     Arjent Imeri 66             Terre Haute North     Owen Eckart 64            Carmel
                                                          Atul Odhayamangalam 64    Terre Haute South
12.     Luke Oxley 64               Castle                Spencer Durham 62         North Central
        Collin Tully 64             Fishers
Congratulations to seniors Joey Heerens, Parker Jou, Ethan Kirsch, Kevin Liu, Anthony Ou, and Rithwik Palivela. who earned individual awards for each of the four years 2015-18. Kevin Liu scored a perfect 100 all four years.
	  Sophomore	     		      	                       Freshman
 1.     Aneesh Dasgupta 100    Carmel                   Jayce Dix 84            Terre Haute South
        Jack Liu 100           Carmel
        Bill Quian 100         Carmel
        Jinhee Won 100         Carmel
        Jacob Zhang 100        Carmel
 2.     Aniket Biswal 94       Carmel                   Grace Yang 83           Park Tudor
 3.     Pravir Chugh 88        Park Tudor               Canaan He 78            Carmel
        Jammy Wang 88          Carmel 
 4.     Aadil Parvaz 84        Terre Haute South        Tanay Acharya 76        Carmel
 5.     Nathan Huang 82        Carmel                   Jerry Feng 72           Culver Academies
 6.     Calvin Josenhans 78    Signature                Nathan Martin 69        Carmel
        Akash Bhowmik 78       Carmel
 7.     Nathan Ou 77           Carmel                   Brian Zhang 65          William Henry Harrison High School
 8.     Charissa Chow 70       Terre Haute South        Alvin Xu 53             Zionsville
 9.     Danny Dwyer 67         Signature                Christian Tolksdorf 48  Culver Academies

10.     Cindy Chen 66          Culver Academies         Hailey Kirkland 47      Castle
        Joey Shao 66           Zionsville               Samhita Shantharam 47   Terre Haute South
11.     Jerry Chen 65          Covenant Christian       Emma Foster 46          Terre Haute North
                                                        Abagail Tokish 46       Terre Haute South
12.     Will Ruiz 63           Hamilton Southeastern    Andrew Cannon 45        Terre Haute South
                                                        Hunter Miller 45        Culver Academies
Congratulations to the Winners of the Sally Shonk memorial award; Jayce Dix and Grace Yang,
and to the Mary Rhein memorial award winners; Aneesh Dasgupta, Jack Liu, Bill Quian, Jinhee Won, and Jacob Zhang.

This year there were 400+ students from 27 schools. The schools competing this year were: Carmel, Castle, Centenniel, Champaign Central, Covenant Christian, Culver Academies, Cumberland, Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern, Indianapolis Lutheran, Marion, Mooresville, North Central Park Tudor, Perry Meridian, Signature, St. Joseph, Terre Haute Christian Home Educators, Terre Haute North Vigo High School, Terre Haute South Vigo High School, Urbana, Voightschild Academy, West Vigo, William Henry Harrison, and Zionsville. There were also guest middle school students from Honey Creek.

A summary of the scoring for this year's contest is coming soon:

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