The Forty-first Annual

Rose-Hulman High-school Mathematics Contest


The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Mathematics Contest takes place annually on the second Saturday in November. The forty-first contest took place Saturday, November 11, 2005. Rose-Hulman press release.

This year's top finishers were
1. Terre Haute South Vigo High School 1185
2. Park Tudor 1028
3. Signature 818

The 2005 class winners were
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
1. Terre Haute South 328 Terre Haute South 319 Terre Haute South 281 Iowa City West 332
2. Iowa City West 305 Iowa City West 281 Carmel 279 Park Tudor 308
3. Carmel 257 Carmel 272 Park Tudor 233 Hamilton Southeastern 280

Top scoring individuals were
	Senior                                                  Junior
            NAME                 SCHOOL                             NAME              SCHOOL
 1.	 Jeffrey Chenhall 100   Iowa City West		         John Zhong 90         Carmel
								 Matthew Croop 90      Indianapolis North Central
 2.	 Susan Hu 95	        White Station		         E. G. Wright 89       Terre Haute South
 3.	 Michael Harris 83	Park Tudor			 Yu Huang 78	       Terre Haute South
	 Ravi Parikh 83		Park Tudor			 Kevin Kim 78          Carmel	
 4.	 Mark Rees 82		Hamilton Southesatern		 Killian Prather 77    Covenent Christian
 5.	 Jung-up Park 80	Covenant Christian		 Megan Morrison 76     Carmel  				
 6.	 Evan Bugher 79		Lutheran			 Kevin Chu             Carmel
								 Matt Stienstra	       Terre Haute North
 7.	 Nicholas Allendorf 78	Iowa City West			 Swara Kopparty        Terre Haute South
	 Vasu Balakrishnan 78	Iowa City West			 Casey Lecklider       Signature School
         Artem Rogachev 78	Urbana				 Emma Park	       Covenent Christian
	 Cindy Zhang 78		Park Tudor			 Jon Risting	       Park Tudor
 8.	 Hao Yang 77		Carmel				 Arjun Theertham       Terre Haute South
 9.	 Paul Hlebowitsh 76	Iowa City West			 Eric Burger	       Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory
	 Zeyu Chen 76		Terre Haute South		   
10.	 Shifang Wang		Carmel				 Alice Ji              Carmel
                                                                 Katie Poisel	       Fishers
								 Matt Rodgers	       Castle
								 Morgan Yang	       Carmel
11.	 Graham DeWit		White Station			 Britt Koehnlein       Hamilton Southeastern
12.	 Michael Munday		Lafayette Jefferson		 Tom Schroeder         Park Tudor
	 Eric Palmer		Hamilton Southeastern.		   
	 Matt Rosenberger	Urbana				   
	 Colden Rouleau		Signature School		   
	 Marshawn Walker	Urbana				   


Congratulations to Michael Harris, Susan Hu, Ravi Parikh, and Artem Rogachev, who earned individual awards for the fourth time.
	  Sophomore	     			           Freshman

1.      David Benjamin 94    Harrison                         Nathan Benjamin 95     Harrison
	Phil Thomas 94	     Harrison			      
2. 	Pardha Ponugoti 90   Terre Haute South		      John Ryan 94           Terre Haute South		  
3.	Raj Bhuptani 82      Terre Haute South		      Tyler Chenhall 85	     Iowa City West		
4. 	Devin Ahern 79	     Northview			      Sachin Shinde 83	     Terre Haute South
	Justin Choi 79	     Iowa City West
	Andy Liu 79          Terre Haute South					
5.	Ashley Nagel	     Nagel Academy		      Curie Ahn 79          Iowa City West			
	Donald Nye 	     Iowa City West		      Peter Bittar 79	    Terre Haute South
	Ruofan Xia           Carmel			
6.	Cameron Cecil	     Park Tudor			      Lauren Stephens 78    Indianapolis North Central
7. 	Scott Palmer	     Hamilton Southeastern	      Shawn Qian 76	    Carmel
	Dewei Yang	     Carmel 
	Alex Yin	     Carmel			
8. 	Yingxue Li           Carmel		              Paige Cook            Terre Haute North
							      Jimmy Sun		    Carmel
9. 	Thane Somers	     Iowa City West		      Young Seol	    Iowa City West
	Scarlett Wang	     Park Tudor
10.	Tiffany Chen	     Signature School                 Andrew Huh            Terre Haute South
   	Vikram Nevrekar	     Hamilton Southeastern	      Michael Wintermeyer   Park Tudor
	Allie Wunderlich     Castle
11. 	Yon-Sue Choi	     Carmel                           Sammy Rider-Leck      Terre Haute North
	Carolyn Huang	     Park Tudor			      Angela Song	    Terre Haute South
	Kathy Ingram         Iowa City West
	Joey Snedden	     Lafayette Jefferson
12. 	Kristina Throne      Terre Haute South	              Anthony Cai           Carmel
   	Michael Ye	     Carmel			      Lorelei Coffin	    Iowa City West
							      Cezary Wojcik	    Signature School

Congratulations to the Winners of the Sally Shonk memorial award; Curie Ahn and Nathan Benjamin
and to the Mary Rhein memorial award winners; David Benjamin, Ashley Nagel, and Phil Thomas.

This year there were approximately 400 students from 26 schools registered for the contest. The schools competing this year were:
Baptist Academy, Brebeuf, Broad Ripple, Carmel, Castle, Covenant Christian, , Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern, , Indianapolis Lutheran, Indianapolis North Central, Iowa City West, Lafayette Jefferson, Nagel Academy, North Vermillion, Northview, Park Tudor, , Signature, South Vermillion, Terre Haute North, Terre Haute South Vigo High School, Urbana, West Vigo, and White Station.

For more information about the contest, please send e-mail to