PH 316 Electric and Magnetic Fields

Fall 2005       revised 8/25/05

Mike Moloney  CL-109  877-8302  (home) (812) 466 1328

Text: Introduction to Electrodynamics, 3rd Ed. by David J. Griffiths

No class September 20

For the first day of class, read text sections

2 hour exams and final exam. Homework and worksheets will be 35-40% of the grade.

Homework Assignments

Class Materials

Final Exam Laundry List

BS div B vector potential Notes

Image Charges in Dielectrics

Bound Charges and Worksheet

Flux of a vector and solid angle

Installing a scroll bar (slider)

 Electric field mapping spreadsheet

'Averaging' method of solving some Laplace's equation problems

Plane Electromagnetc Waves

Why is light slower in glass?

Reflection and Refraction Handout, including using matrices

Waveguide Notes from 2002, including metal WGs and slab optical WG.


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