Which Way Did You Say
That Bicycle Went?
David L. Finn
Institute of Technology

Problem Statement I

Problem Statement II
Solution to Original

Outline of Construction
of Ambiguous Tracks

Animations and Examples
of Ambiguous Tracks

Geometry of Tire Tracks

Part I of Solution:
Creating an Initial
Piece of Track

Part II of Solution
Extending the Track

Problem Statement I
Imagine that you come across the following set of tire tracks that were created by a bicycle, can you determine which way the bicycle went?
In the diagram above, the front tire track is in green and the back tire track is in red.

On these pages, we outline a construction method to produce examples of bicycle tracks for which you can not determine the direction the bicycle wen, such as in the figure above. This provides examples of track for which the solution to the title problem of the book, Which way did the bicycle go? does not apply.

These pages are an abbreviated version of the paper "Which way did you say that bicycle went? appearing in the December 2004 issue of Mathematics Magazine.