Friends, Family, Pets

My wife Frances Silta is a master gardener.

A picture of my son Isaac (1996)

Another picture of Isaac

Isaac and I getting ready to do the Hoosier Hills Ride in Bloomington.

A picture of our dog Chocolate, born January 2003, died January 2005. He was friendly and smart and had too short a season.

Various Pastimes

Wanna build a telescope? Here are some links and telescopes I've built. More generally, I like building things out of wood, e.g., Isaac's Playhouse.

Terre Haute is a rather nice place to bicycle. There are lots of cyclists and lots of weekly rides.

I recently became a board member for the National Road Heritage Trail (the goal is to develop a cross-state multi-use trail from Terre Haute to Richmond.) Here we are biking a portion of the trail (yet a bit undeveloped).

I enjoy brewing and drinking beer.

Frances and I like ballroom dancing.

I'm on the membership committee for the Terre Foods Cooperative Market, a member-owned natural and local foods market now forming in Terre Haute.

I am part of the SIAM Visiting Lecturer Series.

Friends Who Have Web Pages

And aren't actually coauthors.

Home Page for Casey Russell, Chemist Extraordinaire

Home Page for Ralph Smith, Genius

Home Page for Cara Brooks

Home Page for Alberto Condori

Other Stuff

Need to know the value of Pi?

Powell's Bookstore. The biggest and best bookstore around. Too bad it's 2000 miles from here.

View the Rigormeter, a good example of what you can accomplish when you mix beer drinking and woodworking.