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CHEM 330 Biochemistry

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Lecture Notes
Section I

Handouts and other Supplementary Material
Functional Groups
Thermodynamics Handout
Water Properties Handout
pH and Buffers Tutorial
Amino Acid Structures
Amino Acids (color coded)
Amino Acid Nomenclature Worksheet
Peptide Introduction Handout
Helical Wheel and Net
Protein Representations & Folding Handout
Carbohydrate Chemistry Handout
Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids Handout

Enzyme Introduction Handout
Mathematical Modeling and Kinetics
Enzyme Mechanisms Handout
Enzyme Kinetics Handout
Vitamins Handout
Mathematical Modeling and Kinetics

Vitamins Handout
Enzyme Regulation and Inhibition Handout
Lipids & Membranes Handout
Signal Transduction Handout

Introduction to Metabolism Handout
Glycolysis Handout
Pyruvate Oxidation Handout
Electron Transport Handout
Glucose Metabolism Handout
Metabolic Regulation Handout
Starvation and Diabetes Handout

Metabolic Pathways
Reaction Examples

Endocrine Notes

Protein Substructure Examples

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