President Dean Thomas
Vice President Alex Jansen
Secretary Mitchell Baker
Treasurer Garrett Manship
House Manager Austin Webb
Steward Jack Blauert
Activity Director Nick Kowalkowski
 Faculty Advisor Dr. Cary Laxar

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Triangle was founded in the spring of 1907 at the University of Illinois. There are currently 30 active chapters located at outstanding engineering colleges and universities all across the nation. Triangle is unique in the National Interfraternity Conference, being the only member fraternity that selects its membership exclusively from students majoring in computer science, mathematics, engineering, architecture, and the applied sciences. The Rose-Hulman chapter of Triangle, colonized in 1966, received its charter on May 4, 1968. It was the first new fraternity on the campus in 40 years. In 1969, the chapter moved into its new 45 man house on fraternity row. The men of Triangle believe that class work must be of good quality, but that a good education is not necessarily the result of a mad rush for grades. In the chapter home of the fraternity, members seek the opportunity to supplement the teachings of the classroom. In Triangle, each brother has the opportunity to learn lessons of group living and personality and character development in an atmosphere designed for fullest benefit to the individual. Triangle thus provides a bridge between academic life and a career, as well as a foundation for success in the years after college. Triangle continues to work to develop balanced men in the fields of engineering, architecture, and science by providing an environment that fosters personal growth and professional success.

Updated 12/15