Astronomical Society

        President Natalie Nuessle
Vice President Coleman Gibson
       Treasurer Andre Adam
           Advisor Dr. Richard Ditteon

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The Rose-Hulman Astronomical Society conducts visual observation and digital imaging using the mounted telescopes at the Oakley Observatory.  The club has access to several portable telescopes as well.  The club hosts open houses at the observatory and participates in field trips to other observatories or planetariums in the area.  The Astronomical Society is open to all Rose-Hulman students. No prior experience with astronomy is needed, only curiosity.  Students learn how to operate a telescope, find and view galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, binary stars & planets, take pictures using CCD cameras, and care for the equipment.  Students can also help conduct astronomical research.  Rose-Hulman students have discovered more than 30 asteroids and written several scientific papers.

Updated 5/16