Rose-Hulman Students Speak On Their Experience Abroad

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Bringing Global Lessons to Life

Beyond exchange programs and individualized learning experiences, Rose-Hulman offers a selection of exciting study-abroad courses. These programs begin with traditional coursework on-campus, usually in the spring term, and conclude with a two- to three-week trip at the end of the quarter. Destinations have included Spain, England, Germany, and Japan, among others.


Donna Marsh

Donna, a Biomedical Engineering major from Mobile, Alabama has had a life changing experinece studying abroad at the University of Aizu in Japan. 

Donna had reservations about studying abroad, especially in Japan, due to her lack of understanding the Japanese language. She immersed herself in Japanese history and culture by visiting museums like the Nature Museum in Tadami and paticipaging in local events such as doba noodle crafting.

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"As soon as I arrived her in Aizu I felt welcomed and like I was at home." she says.

Before coming to Aizu, Donna's goal was purely accademic, but the longer she stayed the more she realized that she was there to experience Japan first hand and gain a better world view. Her trip abroad has changed her ideas of Japanese life and Donna feels more comfortable in new environments because of it.

 "I now know that it is very possible for me to study, work and live in another part of the world and not only survive but be happy and thrive."


Global Programs Aizu newspaper 212pxDylan Kessler

Dylan began his three month study abroad in Aizu with nervous excitement. But soon came to recognise his time in Japan as one of the greatest eperiences that he would have in his lifetime.

Appreciative of Japanese culture, Dylan enjoyed many of Aizu's landmarks including Tsuruga-Jo Castle and Tokyo Imperial Palace while taking time to indulge in one of his favorite foods, sushi.

"My time here as furthered my appreciation of the culture, as I now have experienced it firsthand." he says.

Positive acceptance by the people of Aizu, allowed Dylan to better enjoy his experience at the University and his time exploring the local Japanese culture. His goal now is to repay that hospitality to international students back in America.

"My experiences in Japan have greatly affected my understanding and view on international culture for the better, and have given me a unique lense to view international experiences through."

Kelly Macshane

Kelly, an undergraduate in Computer Engineering, has been applying for the JASSO scholarship for the past three years and when she was finally accepted she was unable to go. Her persistance paid off though, as she was finally able to make the trip which made such a great impact in her life.

Interested in the Japanese language since middle school, Kelly was excited to make the trip to Aizuwakamatsu. She was able to encourage the students that had been studying English for a long time, but were still not confedent in their ability, of just how well they were progressing.

She was a little nervous about the location of the university, because of its close proximity to the previous earthquake of 2011 in Fukeshima. That trepidation soon passed as she was taken in by the beauty and majesty of Aizu. The people were very kind and helpfull, offering her chances to participate in local events and customs.

"There are many places to go in Aizuwakamatsu that have a very Japanese feel to them, but are not overcrowded with tourists and are instead quiet and relaxing." she says.

Studying at the University of Aizu is quite different from the states and the varied teaching style helped Kelly to take away a new found love and experience to aid her in becoming a better student back home.