Group workshops

Groups pull together a number of students sharing a common concern to provide an opportunity for support and personal growth. Groups usually meet 60 minutes each week, and may run from 4-9 weeks each quarter. Types of groups offered include stress and time management, relationships, homesickness, shyness, depression, anxiety, and grief. Please check the bulletin board outside the counseling office and the counseling office website for upcoming groups. Registration for all groups is preferred. To register please contact the student counseling office by emailing:

Additional resources

We also provide a wealth of self-help materials for students who are not comfortable seeing us directly. Materials that sit outside the Student Affairs office are highly utilized and provide information on depression, anxiety, relationships, self-esteem, rape survivor assistance, and other related psychological topics.

How do you make an appointment?

Contact our office for the current workshop schedule. Call us at 812-877-8537, email us at, or come by the counseling office on the 1st floor of the Rose-Hulman Student Union.