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Design Competition to Spark Innovation, Creativity among College and High School Students

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Female student shows off small electronics project.

Sparking Creativity: A student showcases one of the simple project designs completed during last year's SPARK event. (Photo by Nathan Montgomery)

Efforts to spark innovation and creativity among college and high school students will feature a fun-filled design competition on March 28, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., in Rose-Hulman's Sports and Recreation Center.

The free event, called SPARK (Student Projects Advocating Resourceful Knowledge), has been organized by Rose-Hulman's RoseBUD program, with support from ArcelorMittal, Halliburton, and Ford. It strives to promote growth for students in innovation and creative design through the use of teamwork, networking, and mentorship in an exciting and challenging environment.

Four-person teams from Rose-Hulman or high schools will have the opportunity to develop creative solutions for two interesting design challenges involving Rube Goldberg machine concepts.

There will also be lunch, free shirts for all event participants, and a discussion about careers in science, engineering, and mathematics led by Amanda Stouder, a Rose-Hulman alumna and a part-time visiting faculty member in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Rose-Hulman students will also serve as mentors for the visiting high school teams.

Registration is free for all participants, and teams will be eligible to win prizes for their designs. Register by visiting http://dev.rose-hulman.edu/Spark/reg.php by March 25.

The SPARK event has been organized by Rose-Hulman students Megan Chirich and Allison Pluger. Persons can contact them with any event questions.

The RoseBUD program hopes to encourage more students towards STEM careers. There is special emphasis toward broadening diversity among students enrolled in engineering.