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Graduates Start Off with Salaries Higher than Ivy Leaguers

Monday, October 15, 2012
Pay Scale
Off To Quick Start: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology graduates start off making an average of $62,300, the 10th highest average on the 2013 PayScale.com salary survey.

by Dale Long
Director of Media Relations

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology graduates earn more in their first year out of college than those students graduating from Harvard University and other Ivy League universities, according to the 2013 PayScale.com study.
Rose-Hulman ranked 10th on the list with graduates starting out earning $62,300 -- $11,600 more than Harvard ($50,700).
PayScale has been producing its ranking annually for the past eight years. Lead economist Katie Bardaro says colleges that rank the highest tend to be those that concentrate on engineering, nursing, and health sciences.
Among Midwest colleges, Rose-Hulman ranked second by salary potential to the University of Notre Dame in the PayScale survey.
Engineering careers made up six of the top 10 majors with the highest salary potential, according to PayScale. The top 10 were petroleum engineering, aerospace engineering, actuarial mathematics, chemical engineering, nuclear engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, applied mathematics, computer science, and statistics.