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(Last Updated 05/06/2012)

            Insofar as Article VI, Section 1 of the Constitution of the Blue Key National Honor Fraternity authorizes a chapter to adopt a chapter constitution and a set of chapter by-laws, we, the members of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Chapter of Blue Key National Honor Fraternity do, on this 17th day of March 1977, establish and ordain these by-laws.


            Section 1.  The National Constitution shall be the constitution of the Chapter, and the Statutes of Procedures the laws of the Chapter.


            Section 1.  The president shall obtain, from the chapter adviser, a list of the Juniors and Seniors whose scholastic achievements fulfill those required by the National Constitution for membership in Blue Key National Honor Fraternity. A meeting shall be called by the president with at least one (1) week notice to select the candidates for membership into the Fraternity.

Section 2.  Two-thirds of the active members of the chapter shall constitute a quorum at the selection meeting. No more than one fourth of the chapter may abstain from a candidate selection ballot or the student under discussion shall be considered ineligible. Fifteen percent (of the members present) voting in opposition to a proposed candidate shall constitute ineligibility. Proxy voting will not be allowed in candidate elections.

Section 3.  In selection of candidates, the national requirements plus excelling in service, having leadership, and participating in extracurricular activities, should be qualities possessed by the candidate.

Section 4.  Nominations of candidates for membership and candidates for office require a second.


            Section 1.  In addition to the offices of the chapter prescribed by the National Constitution, Article VII, and Statues Article VII, there will be elected each year an office of Chairman of Homecoming. His duties include coordination of all responsibilities of Blue Key for the Homecoming events. There will also be elected a Chairman of the Rose Show. His duties will be to coordinate all activities of the Rose Show.


            Section 1.  The president shall not vote on matters of routine chapter business unless a tie cote develops. In this case, the president may cast the tie-breaking ballot or abstain which will automatically table the matter. The subject can be brought before the chapter for reconsideration at any time.

Section 2.  The president shall have the right to vote in the meeting(s) called for election of officers.

Section 3.  The president must declare his vote in the same manner as the other members in the candidate selection ballot.


            Section 1.  Discussions taking place in any chapter meeting shall not be discussed with non-members nor publicized unless authorization is obtained from the president.


            Section 1.  Any member who has fulfilled the requirements for graduation from the Institute shall automatically become an alumni member of the chapter and all voting privileges shall be withdrawn from the member.

Section 2.  SPECIAL SITUATION: In the event of a student who has received an undergraduate degree and wishes to pursue his education further by studying for another undergraduate degree at the Institute, said student shall be granted the privilege by his own choosing as to whether he would like to continue serving as an active member of this chapter. The student who pursues this program must declare during the first chapter meeting help after his graduation whether he will serve as an active member or an alumni member.

Section 3.  A student continuing his education under the classification of a graduate student will be considered an alumni member.

Section 4.  The student whose membership is classified under By-law Article VI, Section 2, must pay for all activities which require special assessments from every member e.g., banquets.


            Section 1.  The order of business in a chapter meeting shall be as outlined in Roberts Rules of Order, and the meeting shall be conducted by Roberts Rules of Order, unless conflicting with the Constitution or the Chapter By-laws. In case of conflicts, the Constitution or By-laws have precedence over Roberts Rules of Order.



            Section 1.  Any addition, amendment, or repeal of any By-law shall be submitted in writing to the president, signed by three members with voting privileges. The measure shall be circulated among the members at least one week before being acted upon by the chapter. Three-fourths of the active membership shall constitute a quorum and a majority vote of the quorum shall constitute acceptance.


We hereby certify that these revised By-Laws were duly passed in an officially instituted meeting of the Blue Key Fraternity of Rose-Hulman the 17th day of March 1977.



Section 1.  Any member who misses three or more meetings per academic year or events without excusing themselves through the president or secretary will be considered inactive.  Inactive members may not vote nor may they wear honor cords at graduation.

Section 2.  In order for an inactive member to become active he must attend or be excused from two consecutive events. Attendance at one of these two events is mandatory for reactivation.  If there is a vote at the second event, then the member shall be considered active for that vote.

Section 3. Members who wish to be excused from an event must notify the President and Secretary in writing at least 48 hours in advance, unless unforeseen circumstances such as serious illness or family emergencies occur. Examples of events that will be excused up to one per quarter include family activities, Greek events, scheduled work shifts, and other non-Rose-Hulman sanctioned activities. Examples of activities that will be excused more than once per quarter are Rose-Hulman sanctioned varsity or club sports, night exams, interviews, and other academic and career related activities. The number of excused absences that may be accumulated by an individual will be at the discretion of the executive board.

Section 4. If a member is excessively tardy to a meeting such that it disrupts the orders of business then this shall count as half an unexcused absence, unless they have excused their tardy with the President or Secretary 48 hours in advance.

Section 5. If a member’s third unexcused absence of the year is a meeting at which a vote is being conducted, that member shall be counted as inactive when calculating the denominator of the quorum if that member is unexcused or has excessive excused absences.

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