Math and Science at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology...
Big-league opportunity in a small-school package

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Fast Track Calculus

Accelerated Math Physics Program

5-weeks Fast Track Calculus + fun team learning = 
1  year college math credit!

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At Rose-Hulman, we appreciate Math and Science in a whole different way:
  • Our unique Fast Track Calculus and Accelerated Math Physics Program let you springboard off your high school success for a more flexible future
  • Our Fast Tracks clear your path to challenging, upper level coursework and
    a leading edge among graduates
  • Our close mentoring and small classes support and direct your drive to excel
  • Our access to applied and engineering students expands your collaborative
    opportunities and lets you push traditional boundaries
  • Both our mathematical rigor and our advanced lab experience make you
    uniquely research-ready and career-competitive

If you love Math and Science...
Rose-Human is the place for you

Dr. Renat Letfullin speaks on careers in nano-medicine