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Terry Schumacher

Associate Professor of Engineering Management

Dr. Terry Schumacher conducts research in the design of training simulations, scenario planning, the N-K model, and changing organizational culture. His interests include the impact of culture on strategy, innovation management, virtual teams, and the use of multimedia in planning and education. Dr. Schumacher previously worked as a policy analyst in the electric utility industry, in strategic activities in the European Computer-Industry Research Centre, and as a research fellow in multimedia at the Open University. He spends his spare time cycling on roadways and trails throughout the area.

Teaching Interests

  • Leadership and organizational culture
  • Marketing in new product development
  • Innovation management
  • Strategy
  • Intercultural communication
  • Project management

Research Experiences

  • Scenario planning-S2S method
  • Technology forecasting
  • Training simulations (virtual teams, new product development)
  • Employed in a strategy function in the electric utility industry (7 years) and a software research center (3 years)

Publications & Presentations

  • “Innovation Frameworks for Innovation Management,” Delft Technical University, January, 2015
  • “The Great Recession vs. The Great Depression: Lessons learned? Lessons Lost?” Portland International Conference on the Management of Engineering & Technology, 2015
  • “Search on Rugged Landscapes: An Experimental Study”, Organizational Science, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 93-108, 2014
  • “Constructing Vision with Scenario Planning,” Proceedings of the Academy of Management conference, Strategy as Practice interest group, 2014
  • “Structured Analogies as a Mode of Prediction,” presentation at Fifth International Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis, European Commission, Brussels, November, 2014
  • "The Virtual Team Challenge: Is it time for training?" International Journal of Technology Management, pp. 169-181, June 2009
  • "Communication and Culture" (Book 2), course materials for Managing Knowledge, MBA course B-823, The Open University Business School, 1999
  • "West Coast Camelot: The Rise & Fall of a High-Tech Culture", Chapter 6 in Cultural Complexity in Organizations, Sonja Sackman (Ed), Sage, 1997

Awards & Honors

  • Outstanding Paper Award, "Teaching the NPD Lifecycle to Engineering Students," American Society of Engineering Education Conference, 2011

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Portland State University, Systems Science/Business Administration, 1992
  • BS, Montana State University, Psychology, 1974