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Allstate Insurance Supports Rose-Hulman Math Students' Actuarial Dreams

Allstate Insurance Company is encouraging Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology students interested in becoming actuaries by supporting their participation in the series of professional level examinations which must be passed in order to become an actuary.

Math Actuary
Passing First Step: Mathematics major Nicole Burton is congratulated by Math Professor Michael DeVasher for becoming the first Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology student whose actuarial aspirations has been supported by Allstate Insurance.

The nation's second largest insurance company, based in Northbrook, Ill., is underwriting the cost of exams for Rose-Hulman students that successfully pass any of the first four of nine actuarial exams.

The first student to benefit from the program was Nicole Burton, a mathematics major from Scottsdale, Ariz., who took the first level exam, covering probability topics.

"This is a noteworthy achievement and should get Nicole off to a great start.  Hopefully, Allstate's support will encourage more current and future math students to examine the actuary career field," stated Michael DeVasher, assistant professor of mathematics and campus actuarial career advisor (along with Diane Evans).  DeVasher noted that only about one-third of students pass the first actuarial exam.

Not surprisingly, Burton was seeking a career as an actuary for an insurance company.

While going through Rose-Hulman, Burton also worked as a tutor for the Learning Center, as wsell as the college's toll-free Homework Hotline telephone math and science tutoring. This tutoring service is a popular resource for Indiana's middle and high school students.

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