Upcoming Events

SWE Picnic - Speed Lawn - September 7 @ 12:00pm

SWE Meeting - Heritage Room - September 17 @ 7:00pm

SWE Meeting - TBA - October 01 @ 7:00pm

SWE Meeting - Heritage Room - October 15 @ 7:00pm

SWE Meeting - Heritage Room - October 29 @ 7:00pm

SWE Meeting - Heritage Room - November 12 @ 7:00pm

SWE Meeting - Heritage Room - December 10 @ 7:00pm

Members List

Note: if you are not on this list and should be, email

Alexa Hylas
Allison Parrent
Allison Pluger
Amanda Carlin
Amanda Kelley
Amanda Sparks
Amaryllis Biduaka
Amy Kamperman
Andi Evers
Anna Weber
Audrey Niverson
Beth Reinert
Bethany Martin
Bridget Ehlers
Caitlin Clarke
Candice Sandberg
Carrie Morris
Casey Levitt
Casey Troccoli
Cassidy Cain
Cassie Warren
Catherine Hidlebaugh
Chelsea Rossick
Chelsie Donnely
Claire Raycraft
Colleen Stevenson
Danielle Bauhan
Deborah Bryant
Elena Chong
Ellen Owens
Emily Eckstein
Emily Latta
Erin Cox
Eva Katie Ray
Fiona Shine
Gabrielle Grande
Grace Aker
Hallie Drake
Hayley Gilliam
Heather Lothamer
Helena Bomber
Jenna Martinek
Jess Ahlborn
Julia Douglas
Kali Nordquist
Kate Demoss
Katelyn Parkey
Katie Maier
Katie Westbrook
Kayla Brosie
Kristen Middleton
Lauren Reberger
Lisa Nelson
Lucinda Combs
Maddie Frost
Madison Thompson
Mallory McDevitt
Malorie Piland
Man Chi Huen
Marianna Wolf
Marlo Niverson
Megan Chirich
Monica Paik
Morgan Anderer
Morgan Mayfield
Nicole Hensley
Nicole Vazquez
Nikki Bueltel
Osenimien Imeokparia
Rachel Ilic
Sam Pace
Sarah Finer
Sarah Jensen
Shannon Litwin
Stephanie Hull
Sydney Miller
Taylor Harris
Tori Becker
Zabrina Johnson
Zahna Andrews

2011-2012 Officers

President - Erin Cox

Vice President - Katie Westbrook

Secretary - Nicole Hensley

Treasurer - Cassie Warren

Committee Chairs

WEE Program Co-Chair- Kali Nordquist

WEE Program Co-Chair- Casey Troccoli

Events/Membership - Katelyn Parkey

Fundraising Co-Chair- Allison Parrent

Fundraising Co-Chair- Helena Bomber

Corporate Relations - Colleen Stevenson

Outreach - Jess Ahlborn

Publicity/Marketing - Amy Kamperman

Advisor - Sudipa Kirtley

About SWE National Webpage

National Mission Statement

The SWE mission is to stimulate women to achieve their full potential as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity.


  • SWE was founded in 1950 as a non-profit educational service organization. The Rose-Hulman chapter of SWE has been in existence since 1996.
  • SWE encourages young engineers to attain high levels of education and professional achievement.
  • SWE’s programs and partnerships support the retention and advancement of women in engineering through career services, professional development, and networking opportunities.
  • SWE consists of nearly 100 professional sections, 300 student sections, and members-at-large in all engineering and technology disciplines, making SWE a preeminent not-for-profit organization respected among the engineering community and technical societies.
  • Today, both male and female engineers, as well as those in non-engineering fields, participate.
  • Annual membership of over 19,000.

Career Networking

Below is a list of links that our membersmay utilize in order to find jobs, start their career, and build-up their professional network, with both students and professionals:



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