Accelerated Math Physics Program

Accelerated Math Physics lab

The Accelerated Math Physics program is an integrated program in calculus and physics designed to accelerate your career at Rose-Hulman. In a five-week program in the summer before the start of your freshman year, you will learn both calculus and physics in an integrated manner and earn credit for Physics I, Physics II and Calculus III (PH 111, PH 112 and MA113), 13 credits.

Important Dates for 2017

Application Materials due Thursday, April 20
(Thursday after our spring break)
Acceptance Announcements Monday, May 1
Accelerated Math Physics begins Sunday, July 16
Accelerated Math Physics ends Friday, August 18

Accelerated Math Physics Program - Accelerate Your Career

The Accelerated Math Physics program is based on the successful, long-standing Fast Track Calculus program at Rose-Hulman. But the Accelerated Math Physics program is to advance your career at Rose-Hulman in both mathematics and physics, allowing you to almost start sophomore courses in any major at the beginning of your first year at Rose-Hulman. This allows you many possible choices during your time at Rose-Hulman from double majors, multiple minors, interdisciplinary minors, second majors, a master's degree in four years. The possibilites are too numerous to list.


To be eligible for Accelerated Math Physics program, you should have taken or be taking a year of physics, and a BC calculus course or an equivalent college level calculus course, so you can gain credit for Calculus I and Calculus II (MA111 and MA112).

"[AMP] made a conqueror out of each and every one of its alumni. The program was extremely enjoyable and it demonstrated to me that with hard work and a good attitude, the possibilities at Rose are limitless!"
- Abigail Etters - AMP Class 2013
Dr. Richard Ditteon

Professor of Physics
phone: 812-877-8247


Dr. David Finn

Associate Professor of Mathematics
phone: 812 877-8393