[R.]esidence [H.]all [A.]ssociation
I Have An Idea
  1. Any student or student organization may ask for RHA funds.
  2. R.H.A. must be allowed to attend, participate and photograph the event
  3. R.H.A. must be acknowledged in all of the event publicity
  4. Funding is not limited to events. Funding may be obtained for other programmatic ideas such as ping pong tables, cooking supplies, electronic equipment, etc.
  5. Individual (s) making proposals must come to a meeting at least one week prior to the event to present the proposal and answer any questions. The individual (s) must also attend the meeting directly following the event in order to describe how the event went.
Contact Information

Please describe your proposal:

How do you think this proposal will enhance the residential or community experience at Rose-Hulman?

Please provide a break down of funding needed. (For example what you need to purchase and how much each item will cost)

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