How to receive credit from your study-abroad experience

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To receive academic credit for work or courses taken while studying abroad or performing any other international activity, such as an internship, you must follow these guidelines:

  1. Obtain a Transfer of Credit form from the Registrar's Office. You must complete this form before you leave Rose-Hulman or the United States.
  2. Before filling out the form, discuss with your advisor and department chair which courses you should take while abroad. Keep in mind:

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  • You should always list more courses than you plan to take.
  • International schools are often slower to update websites and list current courses online.
  • International schools often change the offerings after you have arrived, so don't panic if this occurs. E-mail your department chair and list your final course selections for the term.
  • IMPORTANT: When you see your chair for course approval on the Transfer of Credit form, take descriptions about each course you intend to take so he or she can determine it the course is acceptable.