What is MACH?

160609 MACH 16 0272MACH is an experience, a philosophy, and an approach. Most simply, MACH is a three day workshop during which change agents learn the skills they need to implement changes on their campuses. This approach harnesses the lessons of the research literature in institutional change and translates them into actionable skills any faculty member can learn and utilize.

More importantly, it is the MACH philosophy to amplify the energy of the change agent participants to direct them into growth experiences they would not otherwise have. Such experiences are challenging – that is why we bring such a large facilitator team to the workshop – to provide multiple voices and tremendous support for this skill develop experience.

The MACH approach is empowerment through practice. At the MACH workshop, participants work hard to integrate new skills into their change agent toolbox. The majority of the time is spent adopting new behaviors, honing skills, and practicing specific applications. The experience is a work-shop in every sense. Participants come with challenges and leave with a plan. There is nothing like it – join the fun!