Convince Your Boss

Feel free to use the model below to advocate for funding to attend MACH. Additional arguments are available by contacting the MACH coordinators.

Dear [Administrator/Budget Director]

I would like to attend the Making Academic Change Happen workshop, held this year on the campus of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. I feel this workshop will be a significant professional development experience for me as I prepare to work on the [NAME OF PROJECT]. The workshop experience would be a major benefit to me [AND MY TEAM] as the goals of the workshop align with the needs of the project and ultimately with the priorities of our institution.

The MACH workshop is a very good value for the level of intensive work time, skills development, and personal attention I and the project would receive over three days. As an attendee of MACH, I’ll have access to:

  • approximately 25 hours of workshop sessions
  • an additional 10-20 hours of collaboration with a nationally-diverse peer group
  • a keynote presentation from a national leader in education and change
  • a facilitator team composed of 10 Rose-Hulman faculty members
  • workshop resources, action plans, and curated literature collection
  • the MACH graduate community

MACH is a unique faculty development experience that harnesses the lessons of the research literature in institutional change and translates them into actionable skills any faculty member can learn and utilize. The majority of the time at the workshop is spent adopting new behaviors, honing skills, and practicing specific applications.

I am seeking approval for the registration fee and following travel expenditures:


Airfare $_______
Transportation $_______
Hotel $_______
Meals $_______
Registration $_______
Total expense request          $_______


I welcome the opportunity to describe what I learned at MACH following the workshop. In my follow up report, I will include a short summary of my education as well as my networking experiences and project progress. I will have an action plan to show and to illustrate how I will make [NAME OF PROJECT] successful in the coming academic year.

Please accept this proposal to attend MACH, as I am confident in the significant return we will receive for the small investment. For more information on the event, please visit the conference website at


Thank you for your consideration.


[Your Name]