Percopo Hall - a seamless living and learning environment

Established during the 1999-2000 academic year, Percopo Hall is designed to enhance the learning experience of sophomores through the use of live-in peer tutors, scheduled study sessions, and numerous group study areas. Percopo Hall has a library, classroom and several lounges and study areas.

Six tutors and one graduate assistant reside in the hall to provide academic support to students. Tutors are upperclassmen Rose-Hulman students who are Learning Center tutors, recommended by faculty. Percopo tutors assist students through one-one tutoring, course review sessions, nightly homework support and life-learning workshops.

Exam review sessions are held periodically during the quarter as scheduling permits. Students will be notified by e-mail prior to each review session.

When and where can I find a tutor?

Percopo hall tutors are available Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 p.m. -11:00 p.m. in the Percopo Hall classroom. The classroom phone number is 812-877-6088. Percopo hall tutors are also available in their rooms during select hours. Click on the master schedule or on a tutor name to find specific tutoring hours.

Percopo Hall Tutoring Schedule.


Matt Billingsley (CHE/MA)

Greg Horne (CHE/CHEM)  

Andrew Kimball (ME)  


 Morgan Mayfield (CHE)

Vismay Modi (CS/SE/MA)  


 Mary Roberts (BE) 

Janelle Weir (CS/CPE)

Mia Zhao (BE)