Account Expiration Dates

Undergraduate students entering Rose-Hulman will receive accounts which will be valid through August 31 of the year they are antipicated to graduate.

Graduate student accounts will remain active until the next account expiration date following their graduation.

Additional Information:

  • The account for Seniors who graduate early will remain active until the next account expiration date.
  • Students who withdraw from the institute will have their accounts disabled and/or deleted 2 weeks from their withdrawal date.
  • Students who leave Rose-Hulman for other reasons will have their accounts dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Students who attend Rose-Hulman for more than 4 years will have their accounts extended accordingly.
  • Extending student accounts beyond the scheduled termination period, after graduation, only occurs for certain mitigating circumstances, normally related to job searching activities or working at Rose-Hulman during the summer. However, this extension will not be longer than the beginning of the next school quarter.
  • The expiration date for faculty and staff who leave Rose-Hulman is determined by the Human Resources Department
  • Retiring faculty and staff may request through Human Resources that they retain an email account on the retiree server