Individual counseling

The counselors at Rose-Hulman's Student Counseling Center use brief, goal-focused counseling methods for Rose-Hulman students. The staff finds many personal concerns can be addressed effectively in a brief period. Students can talk with a counselor about the issues they are facing, explore related thoughts and feelings, identify personal strengths, and learn new skills. Some students may only meet once or twice, others for a longer period. All sessions are confidential and at NO cost to the student. If further assessment and medications are needed, a referral to a medical professional can be made.

Couples counseling

Students may also choose to invite romantic partners to see a counselor with them to improve their relationships. This is a common experience and RHIT counselors can work with couples issues when they arise, provided that at least one of the clients is a Rose-Hulman student.


Groups pull together a number of students sharing a common concern to provide an opportunity for support, building skills, and personal growth. Check the groups page to learn more.

Educational presentations, outreach and workshops

Rose-Hulman counselors can also provide guest lectures or lead workshops for campus organizations. Topics can include depression, test anxiety, stress management, relationships, or any other topic related to mental health. If needed, please contact the counseling office as far in advance as possible to allow the counselor to prepare materials. Also, indicate what topic you would like the counselor to address and to whom she or he is presenting. Counselors can also be on hand at presentations as liaisons and crisis management resources if potential distress or need for mental health services is suspected.  Check the workshops page to learn more.

Other Services

The Student Counseling Center also provides self-help materials for students who are not comfortable seeing us directly.  These resources can be found outside the Counseling Center.  They provide information about depression, anxiety, relationships, rape survivor assistance, and other mental health topics.


Rose-Hulman counselors also provide consultation to faculty and staff, including administration, professors, sophomore advisors, and resident assistants. Students may reach out to many different individuals when in need, some of which may feel confused or uncomfortable dealing with mental health issues. Counselors are available to consult with any Rose-Hulman faculty or staff who may be concerned about a student.

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