Enhancing Intercultural Competence

Diversity Students InteractingThe Center for Diversity is pleased to announce the return of Intercultural Communication Workshops.  To be offered this year are:

Workshop I: Culture and Communication Styles
Workshop II: Commonalities and Team Building
  Monday, March 30
  7th - 8th periods, 1:35 - 3:20 p.m.
Workshop III Experiences, Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes
  Wednesday, April 22
  7th - 8th periods, 1:35 - 3:20 p.m.
Workshop IV The Difficulty of Difference
   Monday, May 4
  7th - 8th periods, 1:35 - 3:20
To register for a workshop, please contact Luanne Tilstra.


Workshops I & II are the same as last year; Workshops III & IV are new.  It is necessary that you complete the workshops in order. 

All the workshops are 105 minutes long, and are scheduled over two consecutive class periods.

For those of you who are new to these workshops, know that they are part of an intentional plan to enhance the climate of respect for diversity on the Rose-Hulman campus.  The workshops are not culture specific, but rather focus on helping attendees grow the skills that will facilitate effective interaction with folks who are different, regardless of the category or magnitude of that difference. 

Based on comments from previous attendees, it is clear that the most popular feature of the workshops is the opportunity to get to know people from other departments.  Attendees have learned things that have helped them better understand and get along with people both at work and in their families.  To quote a former participant, “It’s an important topic and the workshops were fun!”