Sample cover letters

You may use these sample cover letters as inspiration. Remember, however, that your cover letter should be your words, reflecting your personality and talents.

Letter of Inquiry

Use a letter of inquiry when you have an interest in a particular company or organization and would like to inquire into available employment opportunities. Be sure to state you are a student at Rose-Hulman, your status and the type of employment you are seeking (permanent, summer, co-op, etc.) in the first paragraph.

Summer Internship Inquiry

This letter is designed to convince the smaller companies around your hometown that hiring a summer intern (you) is a good idea even if they don't have a summer internship program. Notice the applicant takes responsibility for follow-up. Be sure to call at least two weeks in advance to set up an appointment.

Letter for Advertised Position

This letter is in response to a position advertised through the Rose-Hulman Career Services Office. The applicant describes related experience and also promises to follow up.