How social networking can help your professional life

You're a college student, so of course you know all about social media sites. But do you know how to use them to your advantage as you search for a job? We recommend you use LinkedIn to find connections with alumni, recruiters and other corporate partners for the purpose of networking. You may begin by joining the Rose-Hulman Career Services Office LinkedIn Group. By joining our group, you'll instantly be connected to us and the alumni and recruiters who've chosen to be in our group. Not quite sure what LinkedIn is all about? The LinkedIn Learning Center is a great place to start.

As for how you present yourself on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, just be sure to take a lesson from celebrities and politicians who have been in the media for their blunders. Note that employers do have access to social media sites, and it's possible they will see your posts or pictures. Do not say or show anything that you would rather not have them know about you.