Mastering the job interview

You know your stuff…exceptionally well. You're a great team player. You've had work experience that most undergrads never dream of doing. Now, how do you communicate all that to a prospective employer during a job interview? What will they ask you? What should you ask them? And for starters, what should you wear to your interview? Check the sections below for these and other tips. Remember, you can stop in the Career Services Office anytime for more advice (we might even tie your tie for you if you ask us nicely!).

Preparing for your interview

A prepared interviewee is a more successful interviewee! Here are tips on what to wear, what to say and how to be a star.

Questions to expect

Here are common questions that you may be asked. But it's just as important you're prepared with intelligent questions of your own.

Practice with a peer

An interview is like an audition, and the more you practice the better you'll perform. Practice with a peer for a low-pressure trial run.