A message from the director - Spring 2011

hewerdineAs spring starts to show itself every now and then on campus, we start to see new bodies coming into the Career Services office. Students that have not engaged with us or have not been successful in their job searches start to feel a sense of stress coming upon them, and this time of year is when many start to seek our advice and help.

As with almost anything else in life, the better prepared a student is in approaching a situation the better the outcome. The same holds true for a student seeking an internship or full time job.

We offer many opportunities for students to become better prepared in this process. I wish it was as easy as going to a job fair with no preparation, introducing yourself and saying "when do I start." Too often some of our students think just that. We are fortunate that the Rose-Hulman student is talented enough that, over time, the process does sink in and the amount of effort needed to take advantage of opportunity almost always happens.

Here are some basic points of emphasis to make with your student around the dinner table or over the phone in your next conversation. These questions reference things that students should be doing to conduct a quality search for a position this summer or after graduation.

  1. Do you have an updated resume and profile on E-Recruiting? (E-recruiting is our online resume referral and job posting system.)
  2. Do you check E-recruiting at least 3 times a week and apply to available job opportunities? (This process usually takes 5 minutes or less.)
  3. Have you familiarized yourself with the vast amount of content on the Career Services website, including resume writing skills, cover letter preparation, interviewing skills, and job search information? Click here to see all the information students can access.
  4. Have you started a list of companies that you would like to approach about opportunities, and sought out direct contact information? (We are very open to giving out direct company contacts for students to utilize)
  5. Have you approached appropriate alumni in your area and introduced yourself via e-mail? (We can easily give lists with contact information to students or assist them with connecting via our Alumni Mentoring Program.)
  6. Have you sought out help in the Career Services office? (We offer a wide range of help to students that are struggling in their searches, especially in areas of preparation and getting past the hurdle of the unknown.)
  7. And last for this list, but not all encompassing, have you let your personal network know that you are searching for opportunity and have you sent them notification of what you are looking for?

While employers from across the country are finally starting to hire a few more graduates and interns than last year, they are also expecting more from those they hire. This is why Rose-Hulman remains at the top of most employers' list of places they look to fill their hiring needs.

Our students, your sons and daughters, are the best this country has to offer, but sometimes a little push or gentle guidance is needed. The job market is nowhere near where it was several years ago, and the competition for opportunity is fierce. With a little help and a proactive attitude, finding that summer internship or full-time job can happen.

This year's senior class is shaping up well and I expect the placement percentage to meet the standards we have at Rose-Hulman. Expected placement rate at graduation is 88-90% and five months after graduation is 99%+, with an average starting salary of over $60,000.

If your student is struggling and not having success, please encourage them to visit our office and say "Hello." We're here to help.


Kevin Hewerdine
Director of Career Services & Employer Relations