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Student Recruitment Experiencing Another Record-Breaking Year

January 22, 2013

It has been another record-breaking year for new student recruitment for Rose-Hulman, demonstrating the institution’s high demand for its brand of undergraduate science, engineering, and mathematics education.

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  Popular Place: More high school students are seeking admission to Rose-Hulman, which has also had increases during the past year in the number of prospective students and parents visiting campus for tours and information programs. 

Rose-Hulman’s Office of Admissions is trending toward receiving 5,000 applications from first-year students seeking to enroll for the 2013-14 school year. That’s an increase of more than 500 applications received during the 2011-12 recruitment period.

So far, Rose-Hulman has seen an 18 percent increase from 2011-12 in the number of women seeking admission. Meanwhile, international applications are up 74 percent, including a 175 percent increase in Chinese applicants, and there has been an increase of 32 percent in applicants interested in studying electrical and computer engineering.

“Rose-Hulman has a proven recipe for preparing our graduates: an innovation-infused experience; an individualized, hands-on education; and world-class faculty and technology,” said James A. Goecker, vice president for enrollment management. He pointed out the nearly 100 percent career placement rate of Rose-Hulman graduates.

“The quality of the Rose-Hulman educational experience and its exceptional programs are clearly seen by many as a value that goes beyond the degree. That value is being recognized by more and more students from around the world as our reputation continues to grow,” said Goecker.

Among U.S. prospects, Rose-Hulman has received a 52 percent increase this year in applications from California, an increase of 35 percent from Texas, and a 50 percent increase from the New Jersey/New York region.

Goecker said that interest in engineering has exploded nationally over the past five years, with a 20 percent increase in engineering enrollments to U.S. colleges and universities. During that same time, Rose-Hulman has experienced a 50 percent increase in applications.

“The challenges we face as a society are becoming more and more complex and the analytical training of science, engineering, and mathematics will be crucial in solving current as well as future problems,” said Goecker. “Perhaps more importantly, those same skills are critical in identifying potential problems even before they occur. That’s why Rose-Hulman graduates are found in every career category and are making an impact far beyond the technical fields.”

For 14 consecutive years, Rose-Hulman has been rated the top undergraduate engineering college in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. The institute ranked ninth among America’s top 50 smartest colleges, and its students were cited best in the nation for their memory skills by Lumosity, a national neuroscience research company. Rose-Hulman’s emphasis on undergraduate education has also been recognized by The Princeton Review, which cited six of the institute’s professors for the 2012 Best 300 Professors book.