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Masters of Science in Software Engineering

David Mutchler

Despite the nation's economic challenges, demand for software engineers continues to outpace supply. Engineers and scientists are pursuing advanced degrees that open opportunities to one of today’s best careers—software engineering. Everywhere you look people are improving their products and services using software. Software is critical to most systems and the business sectors they serve, including automotive, banking, communications, financial, insurance, medical and pharmaceutical. It is exciting to be part of this emerging phenomenon.

Are you interested in securing your future position in a software engineering career? If so, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology offers a master of science in software engineering (MSSE) in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. This program targets engineers interested in building upon and updating their knowledge, skills, and credentials to meet emerging software challenges. Our MSSE provides an effective venue for software professionals to update their expertise, and for those from other professional disciplines, a recognized software engineering credential that can serve in advancing their computing careers.


Rose-Hulman is well-suited for students who are reluctant to be in "big-school" programs with large, impersonal classes. Rose-Hulman offers a small class size with an emphasis on teaching a balance of principles and practicum to solidify education for the profession of software engineering. This plays to Rose-Hulman's strengths that have made us the No. 1 in engineering for nearly two decades for colleges offering a bachelor’s or master’s as their highest degree.

Shawn Bohner

Dr. Shawn Bohner

Professor/Director of Software Engineering
E-mail: bohner[at]rose-hulman[dot]edu

Phone: 812-877-8685