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Adrian Lawhorn email

Indianapolis, Indiana
B.S. in Mathematics, 1988
Owner of Wizard Sports


Further Education: I have received a great deal of further training in various areas over the years, but have not pursued any formal degrees or certificates since graduation. Some of the training/education I have received after graduation includes computer programming/systems analysis, sales and business management, internet web development and technology, sports statistical analysis, and sports writing.

Career Profile: After graduating from Rose-Hulman in 1988, I began a career path that is fairly common among those of us with Mathematics degrees. Through most of the years 1988-1995, I worked in the computer programming/systems analysis field. The big "breakthrough", and unusual part of my career path, began in late 1995. Always being a big sports fan, I began to develop some ideas for sports-related businesses on the internet. Once I felt comfortable with what I wanted to do, and comfortable with my financial ability to do so, I took the step of starting my own business and walking away from a good career in the programming/systems analysis field. I started my company, Wizard Sports, in February, 1996. The company and work performed have evolved since then, but the current focus of the company is doing in-depth statistical analysis for NBA basketball teams.

Advice to Students: There are basically three ways to use any college degree: directly, indirectly, or not at all related to your major. There is really no "correct" way to do it, only what feels right to you based on the opportunities that present themselves. The career I have chosen would fall under the "indirect" category, because my general knowledge of math, statistics, organization, and problem-solving are certainly utilized in the work I perform. Your Rose-Hulman degree is a very valuable and highly-recognized credential that can be used in a variety of ways. I wish you luck in finding your niche in the "real world"!

Further Information and Links: My personal/company website is located at the following URL: http://www.adrianlawhorn.com/ .
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