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Rose-Hulman Alumni Survey - Mathematics

Dear Mathematics Alumni

The Mathematics Department is attempting to determine how well its program has prepared its alumni their careers. To this end, the Department participates in the annual Institute wide alumni survey. The survey responses help us report to our accrediting agencies and understand how we can improve our program. For the 2008-09 year a sample of our graduates from the classes of 1988 to 2007 has been selected to build a representative summary of viewpoints.  The responses are confidential and the results are presented in aggregate form so that individuals cannot be identified in the final report. Alumni are invited to participate from the database of known alumni email adresses. If you would like participate but have not been contacted, please get in touch at my email address below before December 15, 2008.

We are particularly interested in the variety of careers of our graduates and any advice alumni might have for a college student interested in mathematics. The number 1 question we get in recruiting math majors is "I really like math, but what would I do after I graduate?" Real experiences of real alumni help to answer this question. Some of our alumni have share their experiences their experiences on the alumni profiles site http://www.rose-hulman.edu/mathalumni/.

S. Allen Broughton
Professor and Head of Mathematics


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