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Rose Student Presentations

The Mathematics Department supports Rose students' efforts to undertake undergraduate research and project work. In particular, we encourage students to present/publish substantial work they have done in courses, summer programs at off-campus locations, or through the required senior thesis or senior project. In the presentation arena we encourage our students to formally present their work, in the Rose Math Seminar, the Rose Undergraduate Math Conference, or at off-campus conferences. In the publications arena we encourage students to publish their work as in house publications (MSTR - Mathematical Technical Report Series), in refereed journals, or in our Undergraduate Mathematics Journal, which we started in March 2000.

This page is an index, by year, of the presentations made by our students.

A companion index showing student publications is our Rose Student Publications Page.


Student Publications by year (later years appear first)
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Arnold Yim, Algebraic Tori ,  RHIT Undergraduate Math Conference

Kyla Lutz,  Protein Structure Alignment ,  RHIT Undergraduate Math Conference


Arnold Yim, Deciding Complex Feasibility by Reducing to Finite Fields , Rose Math Seminar

Emma Snively, Graph Theory and Probability, AMS meeting in Washington, D.C.

Ian Rogers, A Generalization of the Fibonacci and Jacobsthal Sequences , Rose Math Seminar

Jason Sauppe, A Tabu Search Algorithm for the Bandwidth Multicoloring Problem, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference Spring meeting of the MAA at UPUI

Jordan Phegley, Enumerating Plane Partitions of Integers, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Joshua Burbrink, Nicole Fehribach, Tony Ferrell, Fred Freers, Casimir Ksiazek, Jason Sauppe, Jeremy Schendel and Al Holder , Solutions to the Pure Parsimony Problem , Rose Math Seminar

Sarah Jabon, Content-Based versus Semantic-Based Image Retrieval: A LIDC Case Study, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference


Arnold Yim, Algebraic Tori and Their Applications , Rose Math Seminar

Casimir G. Ksiazek III, My Summer as an Actuarial Intern , Rose Math Seminar

Ely Spears, Total Variation Image Restoration, Rose Math Seminar

Ian Rogers, Some Results on Antidesigns, AMS Session on Combinatorics

Megan Knilands, Numerical Beam Propagation, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Nathan Lindle, A Statistical Look at Mapping the Discrete Log, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Nathan Lindle (2), A Statistical Look at Mapping the Discrete Log, Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, Banff, Alberta, Canada (poster)

Sophia Sullivan, Summer Experience: The Joint Program in Survey Methodology and Internal Revenue Service Statistics of Income Division, Rose Math Seminar


Adam Georgas, Novel Statistical Method for Analyzing Spectroscopic Ligand Binding Data Using Matlab, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Brandon Borkholder, A Look at the Mathematics of Automated Model Checking, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Casimir Ksiazek III, Introduction to the Life Table, Rose Math Seminar

Ely Spears (1), Refinable Functions: What they are and how to produce them, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference and Spring MAA Meeting

Ely Spears (2), Models for Emergent Behavior, Rose Math Seminar

Hari Ravindran, Galois Representations Associated to Modular Forms, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Ian Rogers, On the Minimum Vector Rank of a Graph, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference and AMS meeting in New Orleans

Robert Lemke-Oliver (1), Cookius Maximus, Rose Math Seminar

Robert Lemke-Oliver (2), Generalized Niven Numbers, Rose Math Seminar

Stephen Dupal, Optimizing 4th-order and 5th-order Explicit Runge-Kutta Formulas, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Tom Werne, Characterizing Holes in Wires and Plates: Inverting the Heat Equation, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference


Brandon Borkholder, Breaking the MD5, Rose Math Seminar and RHIT Undergraduate Math Conference

Ely Spears, Refinable Rational Functions, Rose Math Seminar and Pi Mu Epsilon Conference, Miami University

Hari A. Ravindran, Investigating the Shape of a Cookie, RHIT Undergraduate Math Conference

Ian Rogers, On the Minimum Vector Rank of a Graph, Rose Math Seminar

Lee McDaniel, Benford and Winning Streaks, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Nate Dorr, Actuarial Mathematics, Rose Math Seminar

Robert Lemke-Oliver, Cookius Maximus, Rose Math Seminar

Stephen Dupal, Optimizing 4th-order and 5th-order Explicit Runge-Kutta Formulas, Rose Math Seminar

Ted Lyman (speaking) and Robert Lauer, Pre-Images of Points in the Numerical Range , Rose Math Seminar, and Pi Mu Epsilon Conference, Miami University

Thomas Werne (1), Characterizing Holes in Wires and Plates: Inverting the Heat Equation, Rose Math Seminar

Thomas Werne (2), Finding the Centroid of W(A), Rose Math Seminar


Eric Reyes, Do Dogs Really Know Calculus?, Rose Math Seminar and Indiana MAA meeting at Depauw U.

Hari A. Ravindran, Investigating the Shape of a Cookie, Rose Math Seminar and Indiana MAA meeting at Depauw U.

Jennifer Guerard, Modeling the Photochemical Transformation of Dissolved Organic Matter from an Antarctic Lake, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Justin Droba, Orthogonality in the Conjugate Gradient Method, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Kurtis Katinas, An Introduction to Constructible Numbers, Rose Math Seminar

Peter Fine, The Properties of the Graph of Zero Divisors of Z/pqr, where pqr are distinct primes, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference


Amanda Lynn Stephens, Probability Models in Genetics, Rose Math Seminar

Brian Barker, Maximal Covering Groups and Perfect Cwatsets, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Dan Abretske (1), The Banach Fixed Point Theorem and Solvability of Integral Equations, Rose Math Seminar

Dan Abretske (2), An algorithm for Auto Focusing a Camera from Image Data, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Graeme Mason, Transparent Grid Termination in Electromagnetic Simulation, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Nic Trainor, Fast Reconstruction of Internal Cracks with Thermal Imaging, MAA Undergraduate Poster Session


Alla Genkina, de Casteljau\'s Algorithm in Hyperbolic Space, Rose Math Seminar

Jon Mastin, Guessing Secrets, Rose Math Seminar

Kellan Wampler, War: the Vicious Cycle, RHIT Undergraduate Math Conference

Nic Trainor, Fast Reconstruction of Internal Cracks with Thermal Imaging, Rose Math Seminar and all-Indiana REU workshop at Indiana U


Lucas Beverlin, The Optimality of Morse Code, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Matthew Ford, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Rose Math Seminar

Nathanael Berglund (1), Refinable Functions: What they are and how to produce them, Rose Math Seminar

Nathanael Berglund (2), How to Solve a Rubik‚Äôs Hypercube, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Noor Martin, Factoring Integers via Lenstra\'s Elliptic Curve Method, Rose Math Seminar

Stephen Young, Graph Colorings with Restrictions, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference


Brad Berron, Improving Solar Car Race Strategy, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Brad Berron, Todd Goldfinger, Mike Ritter, Tom Schneider, Bill Stephen, Jerod Weinman, Mathematical and Computer Models of Specifications for Complex Systems, Rose Math Seminar

Janet Trimm, A New Formula for Computing Frobenius Numbers in Three Variables, Rose Math Seminar

Stephen Young (1), A Faster Way to Split a Donut, Rose Math Seminar and Pi Mu Epsilon Conference, Miami University

Stephen Young (2), Alternative to Factoring, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Timothy Kilbourn, On the Probability that a Monic Integral Polynomial Is Irreducible, Rose Math Seminar


Dennis Lin, NP Complete Radio Tower Placement, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Dennis Lin (with Gary Sherman), Cwatsets, Rose Math Seminar

Matt Lepinski, Algebraic Numbers and Triangle Iterations, Rose Math Seminar and Joint Mathematical Meetings in Washington

Michael Ewing, Peter Nei, Tom Schneider, Rookies in the Math Modeling Contest, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Stephen Young, Chaotic Behavior over the Naturals, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference


Chris Anderson, Jennifer Crone, Jennifer Taylor, Industrial Optimization: Specialty Plastics and Packaging, Inc., RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Evan Graves, Dynamical Analysis of a Chaotic Electrical Circuit, Rose Math Seminar

Jim Meyer, Jonathan Matthews, Fred Franzwa, Standing Room Only: MCM Problem B, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Matt Lepinski (1), Algebraic Numbers and Triangle Iterations, Rose Math Seminar and MAA Mathfest, Providence, RI

Matt Lepinski (2), Cwatsets and Groups: Some Parallels, AMS Annual Meetings, San Antonio

Matt Lepinski (3), Maximally Disjoint Set Covers: A Genetic Approach, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Matt Lepinski, Jennifer Paulhus, Cary Girod, Joe Mileti , How Grouplike are Cwatsets, AMS Annual Meetings, San Antonio

Stephen Young, Algorithmic RSA Number Factorization, Rose Math Seminar


Courtney Lewis, Automation of the Hanging Resonant Chain Experiment, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Jamie Kawabata, p-adic Integrals, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Jim Meyer, Fred Franzwa, Jonathan Matthews, A Skewed Perspective, (Modeling Competition Presentation), RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Matt Lepinski (1), Cwatsets: Examples and Conjectures, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Matt Lepinski (2), How Grouplike are Cwatsets, Pi Mu Epsilon Conference at Miami University and Fall meeting of Indiana MAA, St Mary\'s College

Stuart Light, Cwatsets: Examples and Conjectures: Part II, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Surat Intasang, An Introduction to Diophantine Equations, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference


Brad North (with Roger Lautzenheiser), Visual Linear Algebra, Indiana Fall MAA Conference, Rose-Hulman

Jamie Kawabata, The Bijection from Derangements to Perfect Scramblings, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Josh Horstman and Jayme Moore, Meetings, Bloody Meetings, National Pi Mu Epsilon Conference at MAA Mathfest, August and at Pi Mu Epsilon Conference at St. Norbert College

Mike Pilcher, Statistical Analysis of Air Bag Controllers, Pi Mu Epsilon Conference at Miami University


Craig Cutforth, Randall Johnson, and John Finitzer, Fuzzy Logic, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Jamie Kawabata, A Recursion Relation for Scrambling Numbers, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Nick Fiala, Some Rectangular Groups are Nearly Square, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Rick Mohr, Wondering What Words Weigh in CWATSets, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Ryan Scherle, Temperal Difference Learning: Is it the Answer?, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference


Carlton Puryear III, Analysis of Ring Effect in a Ray Tracing Program from Gaussian Optics, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Frank Pfeiffer, Goldilocks and the Three Bears: An Engineering Approach, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

John Goodhue, Investigation of Tile Line Mapping Using Differential Geometry, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Mark Lancaster, Chris O\'Malley, and James Poylio, Two Poles are Better Than One: Bipolar Functions, Pi Mu Epsilon Conference at Miami University

Rick Mohr (1), Finding the Closest Normal Matrix to a Given Matrix, AMS Annual Meeting, San Francisco

Rick Mohr (2), Finding the Cosets Normal Matrix to a Given Matrix, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Surat Intasang, Looking at Sunflowers: Surprising Fibonacci Numbers, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference


Chad Scherrer, Minimization of Unconstrained Multivariable Functions

Craig Lorensen, The Bipolar Coordinate System

David Mott, Robot Space Coordinate Representation of Objects in the Cartesian Plane

Jeff Swart and Steve Akers, AMST Algorithms

Jonathan Atkins, Balanced Spanning Tree

Justin Gallagher, Robot Space Coordinate Representation of Objects in the Cartesian Plane

Nick Tallyn, Scheduling Final Exams

San Han, Rick Mohr, and Tony Ragucci,, Making a Molehill Out of a Mountain

Tony Ragucci, Determination of a Draining Tank\'s Discharge Coefficient


Ben Nicholson (1), Matroids are Coming, Pi Mu Epsilon Student Conference at Miami University and Pi Mu Epsilon Conference at St. Norbert College

Ben Nicholson (2), A Bank Teller and His Coin Problem, RHIT Undergraduate Math Conference

Chad Scherrer, Interated Exponentials, RHIT Undergraduate Math Conference

Daniel Engel III, A Formula for a Single-Valued Measure Environmental Risk, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Jonathan Atkins, Rewritability in Finite Groups, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Mark Stremler (1), Doubly Periodic Functions, RHIT Undergraduate Math Conference

Mark Stremler (2), Analysis of Natural Convection in a Rotating Loop, MAA Tri-Section Meeting, St. Mary\'s College, Notre Dame

Mike Galloy, The Arithmetic of Nilpotency, AMS-MAA National Meeting, San Antonio

Mike Galloy and Dan Wilson, Counting Nilpotent Pairs in Finite Groups, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Omar Zaidi, What will Happen When I Shoot This Dart at that Dart Board?, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Todd Eigenschink, An Application of Probability to Population Growth, Pi Mu Epsilon Conference at St. Norbert College

Tony Hinrichs, What will HElements of Computational Geometry, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Tony Ragucci, Daniel Schuck, and James Thurmond, Determination of a Draining Tank\'s Coefficient, RHIT Undergraduate Math Conference

Trevis Litherland (1), On a Maximum Principle of a Fourth-Order Differential Equation, Pi Mu Epsilon Student Conference at Miami University and Pi Mu Epsilon Conference at St. Norbert College

Trevis Litherland (2), From Catastrophe to Chaos, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Trevis Litherland (3), Chaotic Behavior of Zeeman Machines, Undergraduate Research Conference, Butler University


Ben Nicholson, The Mother of all Chessboard Coloring Solutions, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Darren Gebler, The Relative Gain Array, Phi (A) = A o A -T, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

John O\'Bryan, Parallelization of a Parameter Identification Problem, Pi Mu Epsilon Student Conference at Miami University

Jonathan Atkins, Characterizing Finite Groups that are the Union of Few Proper Subgroups, Pi Mu Epsilon Student Conference at Miami University

Kevin O\'Bryant, Cycles, Cyclicizers, and Tidy Groups, Pi Mu Epsilon Student Conference at Miami University

Troy Hall and Matt Klotz, Circular Least Squares, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference


Ben Nicholson, Infinite Products in Complex Variables, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Jeff Dierckam, The Schwarz-Christoffel Transformation, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

John O\'Bryan, The Use of Cayley in Group Theoretic Research, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Jonathan Atkins (1), Groups with Few Subgroups, Indiana Spring MAA Section Meeting

Jonathan Atkins (2), Presentation on computational group theory based on findings in 1990 REU, Summer MAA Meeting, Orono, Maine

Jonathan Atkins (3), Presentation on combinatorial studies at the University of Dayton, Summer MAA Meeting

Jonathan Atkins (4), Groups that are the Union of Few Proper Subgroups, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Mark Roseberry, Fate of a Conjecture, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Omar Zaidi, Derivation of a General Orbit for Stellar Objects, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Tony Hinrichs, Mittag-Leffler Expansion Theorem, RHIT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference


Gregg Gass, Aaron Wendelin, Joel Atkins, and Mike Wilson, A Real Snow Job, Pi Mu Epsilon Student Conference at Miami University

Joel Atkins, Missing Data, Pi Mu Epsilon Student Conference at Miami University

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