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S. Allen Broughton
Professor and Head of
(812) 877-8179

Michelle Prather
Department Secretary
(812) 877-8391

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Reaching Rose-Math - Contact and Travel

Department Office and Department Programs Information

Department of Mathematics
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
5000 Wabash Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47803
Department Head
S. Allen Broughton
G-205a, Crapo Hall

Department Office
G-205, Crapo Hall
Phone: 812-877-8391
FAX : 812-877-8883
Department Secretary
Michelle Prather
G-205, Crapo Hall

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Fast Track Calculus
Elton Graves, Director

Undergraduate Mathematics Research

RHIT Undergraduate Math Conference
Allen Holder and Vin Isaia
Undergraduate Math Conference
RHIT Undergraduate Math Journal
David Rader

Undergraduate Math Journal
NSF-REU site
Kurt Bryan
Rose-Hulman NSF-REU Web Site

Inverse Problems
Kurt Bryan
Inverse Problems Home Page
Computational Number Theory
Josh Holden
Discrete Logarithms Page
Geometric Analysis
David Finn
Shape of a Cookie Home Page
System Biology
Al Holder
Systems Biology Home Page
S. Allen Broughton
Tilings Home Page

Mathematics Competitions

RHIT High School Math Contest
John Rickert
RHIT High School Math Contest
American Mathematics Competitions
Elton Graves, State Director
Math Counts
Elton Graves
American Regions Math League (ARML)
John Rickert

Driving Directions to Rose-Hulman and Terre Haute

  • From the North via US 41/State Highway 63: You will enter Terre Haute on 3rd Street. Proceed south to the intersection of 3rd Street with Ohio Street (identified by signs indicating US 40 East). Follow US 40 for about 5 miles--all the way through town (signs will divert you from Ohio Street to Wabash Avenue at 11th Street). The main entrance to Rose-Hulman is on the left (north side of US 40) about 1/2 mile east of the stoplight at State Highway 46.

  • From the East via US 40: Proceed west toward Terre Haute through East Glenn. The main entrance to Rose-Hulman is on the right (north side of US 40) about 1/2 miles west of the stoplight at Lost Creek School.

  • From the South via US 41/US150: You will enter Terre Haute on Dixie Bee Road (3rd Street). Proceed north to the intersection with I-70. Turn east onto I-70 and go to the State Highway 46 exit, about 4 miles, then follow the instructions in the next paragraph.

  • From the East or West via I-70: Take the State Highway 46 exit, (exit 11) and follow the directions in the next paragraph.

  • From the South via State Highway 46: Proceed north on State Highway 46 to its termination at the intersection with US 40, about 4 miles. Turn east onto US 40. The main entrance to Rose-Hulman is on the left (north side of US 40) about 1/2 mile east of the intersection.

Travel by Air

The closest main airport is Indianapolis. Once you have arrived rent a car and proceed to Rose-Hulman as in the last two paragraphs above.

Maps and Campus Tour

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