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Mathematics Competitions and Problems Page

Rose students and faculty are involved in many local and national mathematics competitions. Students in the department annually participate in the following competitions, in this order:

  • Alfred R. Schmidt Freshman Mathematics Competition
  • Virginia Tech Regional Competition
  • Putnam Competition
  • Modeling Competition In Mathematics
  • Indiana College Mathematics Competition

For the history of our standings in these competitions see our standings page. Faculty in the department and others members of the Rose Community are also actively involved in several middle and high school level contests and programs:

  • Rose-Hulman High School Contest
  • MATHCOUNTS program (middle school)
  • AMC->8, AMC->10, AMC->12 (replaces AJHSME and AHSME, open enrollment)
  • AIME and USAMO Contests (invitational)
  • ARML Competitions

College Level Contests at Rose-Hulman

Starting in September, our first contest is the Alfred R. Schmidt Freshman Mathematics Competition which has been in operation for more than ten years. We typically have about 5%-10% of the freshman class turn out for this contest. It helps us get to know our new problem solvers. See Dr. Rickert's contest web page for more information.

Next, in October, we participate in the Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest. Our usual turnout for this is about 10-15 students. This is our newest contest in which we have become involved and we have been participating for about eight years. The contest is considered by many schools as a warm-up for the Putnam competition. It is not as long as the Putnam and the problems are of intermediate difficulty between the our ARS Freshman Contest and the Putnam Competition. See the Virginia Tech web page for more information.

In early December comes the grande dame of mathematics competitions, the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. This takes a full Saturday with a three hour stint at six tough problems on part A, a break for lunch with the faculty, and then another three hours at the six problems for part B. The typical turnout is about 20 and we have been participating as long as any one can remember. See the Putnam web page for more information.

In February comes the grueling Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The contest is 86 hours in length. Teams of three students get to work on a single problems selected from a choice of two. We have participated since the contest's inception and in each of the last few years we have fielded four teams, the maximum number allowed per institution. In the last few years an interdisciplinary contest has been added. Recently, the Civil Engineering Department fielded a team for this contest. See the MCM web page for more information.

Finally at the spring meeting of the Indiana section of the MAA we take our traveling teams of 4-5 three person teams to the The Indiana College Mathematics Competition. In addition to taking part in the competition students get a chance to listen to interesting mathematical talks and participate in workshops.

High School and Middle School Contests supported by Rose-Hulman

Rose-Hulman holds its Annual Rose-Hulman High School Contest on the second Saturday of November. The contest is structured so that all high school levels may compete. This contest has been run for over 30 years and has satellite sites in St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Kentucky. About 2,000 students compete annually. See web page for more information.

The MATHCOUNTS program is targeted at middle school and is a year long program. During the Fall term students meet with their MATHCOUNTS coach on a regular basis. In the Spring term there are school, regional, state and national competitions. See web page for more information. Rose-Hulman hosts the regional competitions and the state competition recently. The Rose-Hulman contact is Elton Graves.

The American Mathematics Competition (AMC) sponsors five national competitions at various levels. The AMC->8, AMC->10 and AMC->12 competitions are open to all students up to grade 8, 10 and 12, respectively. High scorers in these contests are invited to the AIME and USAMO contests. The AMC->8 and AMC->12 replace the AJHSME and AHSME competitions. See web page for more information. Rose-Hulman faculty member Elton Graves is the state coordinator.

The American Regional Mathematics League (ARML) holds an annual competition in June, at three different sites, in which various regional teams compete. See this web page for more information. The Rose-Hulman contact is John Rickert.

In addition to the programs above, in which we participate, here are some additional programs and contests.

Contest Links and Contacts

College Contests

Contest Contact
Al Schmidt Freshman Contest John Rickert
Virginia Tech Regional John Rickert
Putnam Competition Kurt Bryan
Mathematical Contest in Modeling Steve Galinaitis
see this page: Indiana MAA John Rickert


High School Contests

Contest Date(s) Contact
RHIT High School Contest See contest page John Rickert
AMC->8 Contest See AMC Page Elton Graves
AMC->10 Contest See AMC Page Elton Graves
AMC->12 Contest See AMC Page Elton Graves
AIME Contest See AMC Page Elton Graves
USAMO Contest See AMC Page Elton Graves
ARML Competition See ARML Page John Rickert

Problem Pages

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