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Mathematical Sciences Technical Report Series (MSTR)

The Rose-Hulman Mathematical Sciences Technical Report Series is a preprint and informal technical report publication series for faculty and student research in the Mathematics Department at Rose-Hulman. All reports may be downloaded by clicking on the pdf button in a report entry. Please note that the earlier files are scanned from hard copies and tend to be larger and slightly poorer quality. Additional Rose publication pages are our  REU Publications page and the Rose Undergraduate Mathematics Journal. Rose Hulman student publications are on the Student Publications Page.

MSTR Series by year (later years appear first) 
1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999
2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009
2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019


MSTR 12-01  link to pdf   Fundamentals of Protein Structure Alignment,  A. Holder, M. Brandt, and Y. Shibberu

MSTR 12-02  link to pdf   Robust Analysis of Metabolic Pathways,  Emily Gruber, Amy Ko, Michael MacGillivray, and Miranda Sawyer

MSTR 12-03  link to pdf   Thermal Detection of Inaccessible Corrosion,  Matthew Charnley and Andrew Rzeznik

MSTR 12-04  link to pdf   Determining Properties of Metal by Analyzing Changes in Impedance,  Chase Mathison and Laura Booton


MSTR 11-01  link to pdf   The Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm and Functional Graphs,  C. Evans

MSTR 11-02  link to pdf   Structure and Randomness of the Discrete Lambert Map,  J.Chen and M. Lotts

MSTR 11-03  link to pdf   Cloaking Against Thermal Imaging,  Maple So

MSTR 11-04  link to pdf   Nondestructive Electrothermal Detection of Corrosion,  B. Ambeau, H. Enniss, and S. Schnake

MSTR 11-05  link to pdf   The Square Discrete Exponentiation Map,  A. Wood

MSTR 11-06  link to pdf   Algebraic Solutions to Overdefined Systems with Applications to Cryptanalysis,  Eric Crockett


MSTR 10-01  link to pdf   Fast Protein Structure Alignment,  Yosi Shibberu, Allen Holder, and Kyla Lutz

MSTR 10-02  link to pdf   Parametric LP Analysis,  A. Holder

MSTR 10-03  link to pdf   Intrinsic Contact Geometry of Protein Dynamics,  Y. Shibberu, M. E. Brandt, and D. R. Cooper

MSTR 10-04  link to pdf   Discrete Logarithms on Elliptic Curves,  Aaron Blumenfeld

MSTR 10-05  link to pdf   Structure and Statistics of the Self-Power Map,  Matthew Friedrichsen, Brian Larson, and Emily McDowell

MSTR 10-06  link to pdf   A Spectral Approach to Protein Structure Alignment,  Yosi Shibberu, Allen Holder

MSTR 10-07  link to pdf   G-lattices for an Unrooted Perfect Phylogeny,  Monica Grigg

MSTR 10-08  link to pdf   Bilinear Programming and Protein Structure Alignment,  J. Cain, D. Kamenetsky, N. Lavine

MSTR 10-09  link to pdf   Computational Biology,  H. Greenberg, A. Holder


MSTR 09-01  link to pdf   Flattening a Cone,  S. Allen Broughton

MSTR 09-02  link to pdf   A Decomposition of the Pure Parsimony Problem,  A. Holder, T. Langley

MSTR 09-03  link to pdf   A clustering approach for optimizing beam angles in IMRT planning,  Gino J. Lim, Allen Holder, Josh Reese

MSTR 09-04  link to pdf   Solving the p-Median Problem with Insights from Discrete Vector Quantization,  A. Holder, G. Lim, and J. Reese

MSTR 09-05  link to pdf   Operations Research Methods for Optimization in Radiation Oncology,  M. Ehrgott and A. Holder

MSTR 09-06  link to pdf   Structural Properties of Power Digraphs Modulo n,  Joseph Kramer-Miller

MSTR 09-07  link to pdf   Discrete Logarithm over Composite Moduli,  Marcus L. Mace

MSTR 09-08  link to pdf   The Digraph of the Square Mapping on Elliptic Curves,  Katrina Glaeser

MSTR 09-09  link to pdf   Statistical Investigation of Structure in the Discrete Logarithm,  Andrew Hoffman

MSTR 09-10  link to pdf   Anti-cloaking: The Mathematics of Disguise,  T. Anderson amd B. Phillips

MSTR 09-11  link to pdf   Electrical Impedance Imaging of Corrosion on a Partially Accessible 2-Dimensional Region,  C. Hoang and K. Osenbach


MSTR 08-01  link to pdf   Do the Coefficients of a Modular Form Really \"Encode Arithmetic Data\"?,  Ken McMurdy and Hari Ravindran

MSTR 08-02  link to pdf   Optimization in the Undergraduate Curriculum,  Allen G. Holder

MSTR 08-03  link to pdf   Radiotherapy Optimal Design: An Academic Radiotherapy Treatment Design System,  R. Acosta, W. Brick, A. Hanna, A. Holder, D. Lara, G. McQuilen , D. Nevin, P. Uhlig , B. Salter

MSTR 08-04  link to pdf   Determining the Shape of a Resistor Grid,  E. Chiew and V. Selhorst-Jones

MSTR 08-05  link to pdf   Electrothermal Imaging in One and Two Dimensions,  M. Janus and D. Kibbling

MSTR 08-06  link to pdf   A Statistical Look at Maps of the Discrete Logarithm,  Nathan Lindle


MSTR 07-01  link to pdf   Isomorphisms of Elliptic Curves over Extensions of Finite Fields,  Matthew Niemerg

MSTR 07-02  link to pdf   The Discrete Logarithm Problem and Ternary Functional Graphs,  Max F. Brugger, Christina A. Frederick

MSTR 07-03  link to pdf   Utilizing Thermal Testing for Recovering,  J. Preciado and T. Werne


MSTR 06-01  link to pdf   Non-Destructive Recovery of Voids within a Three Dimensional Domain using Thermal Imaging,  Victor Oyeyemi and Kurt Bryan

MSTR 06-02  link to pdf   Thermal Imaging to Recover a Defect in Three Dimensional Objects,  Breanne Baker


MSTR 05-01  link to pdf   Thermal Imaging of Circular Inclusions within a Two-Dimensional Region,  Shannon Talbot and Hilary Spring

MSTR 05-02  link to pdf   Time Dependent Thermal Imaging of Circular Inclusions,  Donald Brown and Mark Hubethal

MSTR 05-03  link to pdf   Big Cwatsets and Hamming Codes,  Mathew Davis, Tom Langley, and Norah Mazel

MSTR 05-04  link to pdf   On the Action of Weight Preserving Sets,  Matthew Berger

MSTR 05-05  link to pdf   Foundations of Generalized Cwatsets,  Jesse Beder

MSTR 05-06  link to pdf   Mapping the Discrete Logarithm,  Daniel R. Cloutier


MSTR 04-01  link to pdf   Reconstruction of an Unknown Boundary Portion From Cauchy Data In N-dimensions,  Kurt Bryan and Lester Caudill

MSTR 04-02  link to pdf   Determining the Length of a One-Dimensional Bar,  Natalya Yarlikina and Holly Walrath

MSTR 04-03  link to pdf   Non-Destructive Testing of Thermal Resistances for a Single Inclusion in a 2-Dimensional Domain,  Nicholas Christian and Mathew A. Johnson

MSTR 04-04  link to pdf   Reconstruction of Partially Conductive Cracks using Boundary Data,  David McCune and Janine Haugh

MSTR 04-05  link to pdf   The Birational Isomorphism Types of Smooth Real Elliptic Curves,  S.A. Broughton


MSTR 03-01  link to pdf   When Abelian Groups Split,  Robert C. Rhoades and Rachel L. Thomas


MSTR 02-01  link to pdf   A Restricted Partition Function Modulo 3,  Naomi Utgoff

MSTR 02-02  link to pdf   Hyperbolic Billiard Paths,  Rebecca Lehman and Chad White

MSTR 02-04  link to pdf   Congruences of Restricted Partition Functions,  Matt Culek and Amanda Knecht

MSTR 02-05  link to pdf   The order at 2 of the odd-partition function,  Chris Mihelich

MSTR 02-07  link to pdf   Pigeon-Holing Monodromy Groups,  Niles G. Johnson

MSTR 02-08  link to pdf   Galois Correspondence for Branched Covering Spaces and its Relationship to Hecke Algebras,  Matthew Ong

MSTR 02-09  link to pdf   Applications of Graph Theory to Separability,  Stephen Young

MSTR 02-10  link to pdf   Characterizing a Defect in a One-Dimensional Bar,  Cynthia Gangi and Sameer Shah

MSTR 02-11  link to pdf   A Review of Selected Works on Crack Indentification,  Kurt Bryan and Michael S. Vogelius

MSTR 02-12  link to pdf   Fixed Point and Two-cycles of the Discrete Logarithm,  Joshua B. Holden

MSTR 02-13  link to pdf   Tilings of Low-Genus Surfaces by Quadrilaterals,  Isabel Averill and John Gregoire

MSTR 02-14  link to pdf   Fast Reconstruction of Cracks Using Boundary Measurements,  Rachel M. Krieger and Nicholas A. Trainor

MSTR 02-15  link to pdf   Reconstruction of Cracks with Unknown Transmission Condition from Boundary Data,  F. Ronald Ogborne III and Melissa E. Vellela


MSTR 01-01  link to pdf   Triangular Surface Tiling Groups for Low Genus,  S. Allen Broughton, Robert M. Dirks, Maria Sloughter, C. Ryan Vinroot


MSTR 00-01  link to pdf   Cwatset Isomorphism and its Consequences,  Carolyn M. Girod, Matthew Lepinski, Joseph R. Mileti, Jennifer R. Paulhus

MSTR 00-02  link to pdf   Singular solutions to a nonlinear elliptic boundary value problem originating from corrosion modeling,  Kurt Bryan and Michael Vogelius

MSTR 00-03  link to pdf   Lengths of Geodesics on Klein’s Quartic Curve,  Ryan Derby-Talbot

MSTR 00-04  link to pdf   Solvability of a Parabolic Boundary Value Problem with Internal Jump Condition ,  Kurt Bryan

MSTR 00-05  link to pdf   Classification of Cwatsets Through Order 23,  Ben Goodwin and Dennis Lin

MSTR 00-08  link to pdf   Quest for Tilings on Riemann Surfaces of Genus Six and Seven,  Robert M. Dirks and Maria T. Sloughter

MSTR 00-09  link to pdf   Lengths of Systoles on Tileable Hyperbolic Surfaces,  Kevin Woods

MSTR 00-10  link to pdf   Separability of Tilings,  Nick Baeth, Jason Deblois and Lisa Powell

MSTR 00-11  link to pdf   Ramanujan-Like Congreuences of the Distinct Partition Function,  Ian Blumenfeld, Christi Carlstead, Mimi Cukier, Wesley Terwey


MSTR 99-01  link to pdf   Automorphic Subsets of The n-Dimensional Cube are Translations of Cwatsets,  Matt Lepinski

MSTR 99-02  link to pdf   Tilings Which Split at a Mirror,  Jim Belk

MSTR 99-03  link to pdf   Splitting Tiled Surfaces with Abelian Conformal Tiling Group,  S. Allen Broughton

MSTR 99-04  link to pdf   Divisible Tilings in the Hyperbolic Plane,  S. Allen Broughton, Dawn M. Haney, Lori T. McKeough and Brandy M. Smith


MSTR 98-01  link to pdf   Stability and Reconstruction for an Inverse Problem for the Heat Equations,  Kurt Bryan

MSTR 98-02  link to pdf   Symmetry and Tiling Groups for Genus 4 and 5,  C. Ryan Vinroot

MSTR 98-03  link to pdf   Maximally Disjoint Solutions of the Set Covering Problem,  Pete L. Hammer and David J. Rader, Jr.

MSTR 98-04  link to pdf   Quadrilaterals Subdivided by Triangles in the Hyperbolic Plane,  Dawn M. Haney and Lori T. McKeough

MSTR 98-05  link to pdf   A Messy, but Instructive, Case Study in Design of Experiments,  Belva Cooley, LeRoy Franklin, & Gary Elrod

MSTR 98-06  link to pdf   Constructing Kaleidscopic Tiling Polygons in the Hyperbolic Plane,  S. Allen Broughton

MSTR 98-07  link to pdf   Elementary Inversion of the Laplace Transform,  Kurt Bryan


MSTR 97-01  link to pdf   Generalized Conjugacy Classes,  Pramod N. Achar

MSTR 97-02  link to pdf   Barry Balof, Eric Farmer, Jamie Kawabata,  Barry Balof, Eric Farmer, Jamie Kawabata

MSTR 97-03  link to pdf   Oval Intersections in Tilings on Surfaces,  Dennis A. Schmidt

MSTR 97-04  link to pdf   Counting Ovals on a Symmetric Riemann Surface,  S. Allen Broughton


MSTR 96-01  link to pdf   Effective Behavior of Clusters of Microscopic Cracks Inside a Homogeneous Conductor,  Kurt Bryan and M. Vogelius

MSTR 96-02  link to pdf   Divergence Diagrams: More than Cantor Dust Lies at the Edge of Feigenbaum Diagrams,  Aaron Klebanoff and John Rickert

MSTR 96-03  link to pdf   CWATSETS: Weights, Cardinalities, and Generalizations,  Rick Mohr

MSTR 96-04  link to pdf   Uniqueness for a Boundary Identification Problem in Thermal Imaging,  Kurt Bryan and Lester F. Caudill, Jr.

MSTR 96-05  link to pdf   A Stronger Triangle Inequality,  Herb Bailey


MSTR 95-01  link to pdf   Conjugacy Classes of Triple Products in Finite Groups ,  Kevin Hutson and Emily Salvo

MSTR 95-02  link to pdf   An Elementary Proof that Finite Groups Lack Unique Product Structures ,  Matthew Cushman

MSTR 95-03  link to pdf   A Variable Time-Step Midpoint Scheme for Hamiltonian Systems,  Yosi Shibberu

MSTR 95-04  link to pdf   Population Genetics: Estimation of Distributions Through Systems of Non-Linear Differential Equations,  Nacer E. Abrouk and Robert J. Lopez

MSTR 95-05  link to pdf   Symmetries of Accola-Maclachan and Kulkarni Surfaces,  S.A. Broughton, E. Bujalance, A.F. Costa, J.M. Gamboa, G. Gromadzki

MSTR 95-06  link to pdf   Rectangular Groups,  Nick Fiala, Crystal Hanscom, Patrick Keenan, and Tung Tran


MSTR 94-01  link to pdf   Finite Groups Can Be Arbitrarily Hamiltonian,  Stephen Ahearn and Mark Huber

MSTR 94-02  link to pdf   Computing Order Classes of Triple Products in Finite Groups,  Scott Annin and Jennifer Ziebarth

MSTR 94-03  link to pdf   Square Roots of Finite Groups,  Kashi Abhyankar and Daniel Grossman

MSTR 94-04  link to pdf   Robot Space Coordinate Representation of Objects in Euclidean Space,  Justin Gallagher

MSTR 94-05  link to pdf   An Inverse Problem in Thermal Imaging,  Kurt Bryan and Lester Caudill

MSTR 94-06  link to pdf   Square Roots of Finite Groups -- II,  Matthew Devos, David McAdams and Rebecca Rapoport

MSTR 94-07  link to pdf   Distinct Products of Triples in Finite Groups,  Curtis Z. Mitchell


MSTR 93-01  link to pdf   When is the Number of p-Subgroups of a Group Satisfying a Property Congruent to 1 mod p?,  Jason Fulman and Jeff Vanderkam

MSTR 93-02  link to pdf   Hypergraph Representations and Orders of Cwatsets,  Julie Kerr

MSTR 93-03  link to pdf   Tracking Plasma Lactate Concentration In Vivo With a Catheter-Tip L-Lactate Sensor,  N. Abrouk, B. Weinzapfel, M. Ball, L. Waite and S. Lim

MSTR 93-04  link to pdf   Bounds on Squares of Two-Sets,  Dan Slilaty and Jeff Vanderkam

MSTR 93-05  link to pdf   Time-Discretization of Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems,  Yosi Shibberu

MSTR 93-06  link to pdf   Approximation Methods for Singular Diffusions Arising In Genetics,  Nacer Abrouk

MSTR 93-07  link to pdf   Reconstruction of Multiple Cracks From Experimental Electrostatic Boundary Measurements,  Kurt Bryan, Valdis Liepa and Michael Vogelius


MSTR 92-01  link to pdf   Data on Four-Rewriteabliity in Finite Groups,  Sharon A. Kineke

MSTR 92-02  link to pdf   Rewriteability, Commutators and Fundamental n-Rewritings,  Lawren Smithline

MSTR 92-03  link to pdf   A4-Rewriteability,  Eric Wepsic, Kevin O\'Bryant and Lawren Smithline

MSTR 92-04  link to pdf   Some Facts About Cycels and Tidy Groups,  K. O\'Bryant, D. Patrick, L. Smithline and E. Wepsic

MSTR 92-05  link to pdf   Counting Nilpotent Pairs in Finite Groups: Some Conjectures,  H. Dubose-Schmidt, M. D. Galloy and D. L. Wilson

MSTR 92-06  link to pdf   Some Upper Bounds for Commutativity and Cyclicity Measures in Finite Groups,  D. Patrick, C. Sugar and E. Wepsic

MSTR 92-07  link to pdf   The 2/3 Bound for Rewriteable n-Tuples,  L.M. Smithline and C.A. Sugar

MSTR 92-08  link to pdf   Counting Nilpotent Pairs,  J. Fulman, M. Galloy and J. Vanderkam

MSTR 92-09  link to pdf   Divisibility By |G| for Powers of Ordered k- Sets,  Jeffery M. Vanderkam

MSTR 92-10  link to pdf   Cubing Ordered 2-Sets,  Jeffery M. Vanderkam

MSTR 92-11  link to pdf   Simultaneous Rational Approximations and Related Diophantine Equations,  John Rickert

MSTR 92-12  link to pdf   Vertex Coloring for Weighted Graphs With Application to Timetabling,  Lynn Kiaer and Jay Yellen


MSTR 91-01  link to pdf   Finite Abelian Groups in Which the Probability of an Automorphism Fixing an Element is Large,  Gary J. Sherman

MSTR 91-02  link to pdf   An Upper Bound for 3-Rewriteability in Finite Groups,  Jordan Ellenberg

MSTR 91-03  link to pdf   Integer Triangles With Rational Medians,  Bart Goddard and Dale Mesner

MSTR 91-04  link to pdf   Counting Centralizers in Finite Groups,  Sarah Marie Belcastro and Gary J. Sherman

MSTR 91-05  link to pdf   Cyclicizers, Centralizers and Normalizers,  David Patrick and Eric Wepsic

MSTR 91-06  link to pdf   More Upper Bounds for the 3-Rewriteability of Non-3-Rewriteable Groups,  Eric Wepsic

MSTR 91-07  link to pdf   Undergraduates, The Right Questions and Cayley Produce Results,  Gary J. Sherman


MSTR 90-01  link to pdf   Maximal Order Three-Rewriteable Subgroups of Symmetric Groups,  John T. O\'Bryan

MSTR 90-02  link to pdf   A Numerical Approach to Rewriteability in Finite Groups,  J. L. Leavitt, G. J. Sherman and M. E. Walker

MSTR 90-03  link to pdf   Fibonacci Sequences in Finite Groups,  Steven W. Knox

MSTR 90-04  link to pdf   Sets of Typical Subsamples,  Joel E. Atkins and Gary J. Sherman

MSTR 90-05  link to pdf   How Hamiltonian Can a Finite Group Be?,  G. J. Sherman, T. J. Tucker and M. E. Walker

MSTR 90-06  link to pdf   Rewriteable Sequencings of Groups,  Jeanne Nielsen

MSTR 90-07  link to pdf   Characterization of Joint Density by Conditional Densities,  A. K. Gupta and T. Varga

MSTR 90-08  link to pdf   Dihedral Rewriteability,  Cheryl P. Grood

MSTR 90-09  link to pdf   Some Facts About Cwat-Sets,  Martin Wattenberg

MSTR 90-10  link to pdf   Characterization of Matrix Variate Normal Distributions,  A. K. Gupta and T. Varga

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