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Final Exam Policy for Calculus, Differential Equations, Probability & Statistics Courses, and Discrete Mathematics courses - Public version

revised Fall 2008

The Mathematics Department teaches a large number of multi-section lower division classes. These classes are a part of the mathematics and science foundation for the accredited curricula taken by most students at Rose-Hulman. To ensure a reliable foundation for subsequent courses and to support student learning goals (especially computer use goals), the mathematics department uses coordinated syllabi and coordinated final exams. The syllabi are located here, the policy for the final exams follows.

RHIT Mathematics Final Exam Policy

This public version policy is an extract of the final exam policy followed by the mathematics department.

Common finals

  1. The following courses will have a common, departmental final exam in every quarter: MA101, M102, MA111, MA112, MA113, MA221, MA222, MA223, MA275, MA375, and MA381.
  2. The common finals will be constructed by the team of instructors teaching the course during the given quarter.

Computer and calculator use policies

  1. In the following courses, learning computer use is an integral part of the curriculum per the course syllabus: MA101, M102, MA111, MA112, MA113, MA221, MA222, and MA223.
  2. For all courses listed in item 3, except MA223, the final exam format will be as follows. The final exam will consist of two parts. The first part will "by hands" (paper, pencil). No computing devices (calculators/computers) will be allowed during the first part of the final exam. This part of the exam will cover both computational fundamentals as well as some conceptual interpretation, though the level of difficulty and depth of conceptual interpretation must take into account that this part of the exam will be shorter than the second part of the exam.  The laptop, starting with a blank Maple work sheet, and a calculator, may be used during the second part of the exam. No "cheat sheets", prepared Maple worksheets or prepared program on the calculator may be used. The second part of the exams will cover all skills: concepts, calculation, modeling, problem solving, interpretation.
  3. Any aids such as Laplace transform tables required in either part of the exam will be supplied with the exam.
  4. In MA223 the policy is the same as above except that Minitab is used and the order of the parts may be reversed. Any aids such statistics tables and formula sheets required in either part of the exam will be supplied with the exam.
  5. In the courses MA275, MA375, and MA381 the final exam format and policy will be the same for all sections. The instructors will determine which technology aids are permissible.
This document was last modified: 10/03/2008
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