Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment

The Rose-Hulman E-Portfolio System (formerly REPS, now RosEval) has evolved since its inception back in 1996. After gathering input from various constituent groups and gaining consensus in establishing the first edition of an institutional assessment plan (with emphasis on student learning outcomes,) a pilot study was conducted in spring of academic year 1996-1997 with 30 paid volunteers/students to gather feedback and evaluate the prototype system built in-house through our office. Starting in fall 1998, all incoming students were involving in the project through the college orientation or “College and Life Skills” course.

Since then, the project has grown and the current archival and assessment tool interfacing with Angel LMS, developed at Rose-Hulman Ventures, is the third generation of the original system developed here at Rose-Hulman back in academic year 1996-1997 by a small team of students and staff of the IRPA Office.

RosEval Zone

Information about the latest development of our electronic portfolio assessment tool are available through the RosEval Zone.