Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions about Surveys


Do I need an online survey?

We collect a lot of data through Banner Web/Moodle on a regular basis. It is possible that we may already have the data you are looking for. If you are interested in basic information about our students, check out our Institutional Research Reporting page. Or check our 360° Spotlight (formerly Data/Points) page for opinions and information from campus-wide data collection surveys.

If you’re interested in campus opinions on a particular topic, we can look at previously administered surveys or to upcoming surveys of similar nature (to which we may be able to add your questions).

What is the difference between a Banner Web survey and a Moodle survey?

Moodle surveys are used primarily for assessment within a particular academic course. Banner Web surveys are used primarily to capture a broader audience (all freshmen, all faculty, all campus, etc.).

When is the best time to offer my survey?

There are several surveys that we administer on an annual basis (SIQ, Freshman Poll, Senior Poll, Course Evaluations, etc.). When we receive new survey requests we try to strategically place those surveys on the calendar so as to minimize survey fatigue and maximize survey response.

Requesting an Online Survey

If you would like to request a Banner Web survey, please contact Sarah Forbes.

If you would like to request an Moodle survey, please contact Tony Ribera.