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These are some of the pictures that club members have been able to produce with our CCD equipment. To generate color images, we need to take multiple calibration frames with different color filters and then combine them together to produce what you see here. With a little practice, anyone can be producing images like these in no time. We are more than happy to help train anyone who is interested in learning more about this process.

  • M101 Taken by Jeremy Nickol
  • M8 Taken by Gina Olson
  • M17 Taken by Gina Olson
  • M20 Taken by Gina Olson
  • M27 Taken by Gina Olson
  • M31 Taken by Katie Kragh
  • M33 Taken by Gina Olson
  • NGC 5866 Taken by Rachel Manigualt