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Welcome to the Rose-Hulman Astronomy Club website!

The Rose-Hulman Astronomy Club is an amateur observing club, devoted to all things astronomy, but most importantly looking at cool stuff in the night sky. We have access to eight fantastic telescopes in the Oakley Observatory for taking pictures and good old fashioned visual observing. Join us Thursdays at 8 PM (time subject to change based on the time of dusk, email the president to make sure) in the Lynn Reeder Lab for our weekly club meetings - if it's clear we'll observe. No prior experience or knowledge required.

Wondering where the Oakley Observatory and Lynn Reeder Lab are located? To get there, go past the Facilities building on the far side of campus and onto the gravel road that runs along the side of the bonfire/practice field. At the end of the field you should see another gravel road, turning off to the right - take this gravel road up a hill (you should see the Observatory) and then follow it a little farther down the hill and you will end up in the Lynn Reeder Lab (it looks like a small house) parking lot.