Catapult 2015 Bicycle

Discover College Life, Make New Friends & Take the Lead

This chance "to go off to college" as a high school junior may be just what you're looking for. It even goes beyond the classroom, giving you a peek into the realms of engineering and applied science through project work - projects you develop yourself, along with your team.

Living On Campus

You will live in a residence hall on campus and eat meals in our Student Union, just like a regular college student. Counselors selected for their mentorship abilities and dedication help round out your experience on campus. From intramural sports to scavenger hunts and movie nights, you will be sure to have fun during your time at Catapult.


Your Catapult project need not be in an area of your expertise. In fact, the faculty urge you to choose a topic you know very little about, but that drives your intellectual curiosity and inspires you to learn something new. Your group will design and conduct experiments; collect, observe, analyze and interpret the data; reach your own conclusions; and make recommendations for further study.  When you finally submit your written report and deliver your oral report, you will feel as if you've accomplished something. You have tackled a real, tangible problem; you've solved it; and you know how to prove your solution. 

Demonstrations, Lectures, Field Trips

Rose-Hulman faculty and guests will build on your hands-on learning process by providing demonstrations, lectures, and field trips. As you absorb the typical industrial operations, from plant layout to movement of materials to control of the process, your tour experiences will introduce you to first-hand understanding of the complexities of industry leading to a final product. You'll also gain an appreciation of the sociological implications of science as it affects thousands, even millions, of people.

Past Catapulters say...

"I like engineering.  However, I didn't know how much I liked it before coming [to Catapult]" -- Samantha of Pennsburg, PA


"I hardly want for [Operation Catapult] to end and go home. I'm glad I got to know people from all over the country. I can now go to Florida or Texas and have a friend." -- Benjamin of LaPorte, IN


"You get to choose what you do, and you literally have to find a way to do it. It was really cool, the freedom we had." -- David of Houston, TX